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How to create a perfect room makeover proposal

With a ban on travel, lots of couples had to cancel their vacation plans and now stuck at home. This might be very challenging, especially if you have a ring and are trying to hide it in the house. Of course, you can wait till everything gets back to normal and propose with your original idea, or you can pop the question at home.

One of the most common questions we recently were asked is ” How to do a room makeover” in your own house. This might be challenging to keep the proposal as a surprise since you both live in the same house, but it is the perfect place for an intimate and private engagement.

1. Find the location

You need to decide whether you want to decorate the whole house, just a specific room, a balcony, or a backyard. Your proposal spot should have a lot of space and preferably a good view. Once you decide where you want to propose, start to move the furniture around to make it roomier.


2. Think outside the box

The easiest way to decorate the room will be by setting up lots of rose petals and candles. And it will look absolutely stunning. But try to think outside the common ” rose petals path” and be creative. Maybe spell ” will you marry me” with the petals or create a big heart in the middle of the room.


3. Create a theme

This is your time to shine and show your creative side. Choose a theme and decorate the room in one style. Maybe your initial plan was to propose during the vacation in Italy, so maybe set up a wine tasting in your living room. Print the pictures from the places where you were supposed to go and make her a guided tour around them.

Or maybe your partner is a huge Harry Potter fan. Send her a dinner invitation (even if it is the next room) with the Hogwarts Express ticket in there and decorate the room with numerous candles like in the Great Hall, where the houses of Hogwarts were having dinners. Put her favorite movie on TV and propose with the golden snitch ( Yes, there is a ring box like that).


4. Use all the available items

Shot glasses or empty wine bottles are perfect candle holders. Use whatever you have in a house to create a new look. Take the old pictures you have in a house and put them on the strings hanging from the ceiling or spell ” Marry Me’ with it.  Use the Christmas lights to make the atmosphere more magical or put them in the glass vases and decorate the room with it.

Want to amuse her? Take the old book and cut off the pages, creating the hollow engagement box holder.


5. Capture the moment

This might be hard, but again be creative. You can set a hidden GoPro camera and record the moment. Or if you will be proposing on a rooftop or backyard, you can hire a photographer and capture the engagement. Also, the polaroid camera will be a perfect idea for a home proposal, you can instantly make pictures of each other and preserve the memories.

Another option is by making a live stream, where all your friends and family can join in and witness the engagement.

We know that it can be hard to come up with creative ideas while you stay at home, so we made a special “proposal box” for those clients. The engagement kit includes led candles, “Marry Me” banner, engagement balloons, led string lights, picture frames, wine glasses, and a link to a Spotify album. All you need to do is just follow the instructions and set it all up in your room. Our proposal box is the perfect combination of price and value and you can reuse all the things in the box for any other occasion.

Also, if you live in NYC or are traveling to the Big Apple and want to propose at your hotel, our team can decorate the place and leave before your arrival. Just contact us now  head@proposal007.comand together we will come up with the most elaborate room makeover for your proposal.

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