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proposal during coronavirus

How to propose at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine

With the current situation, there are lots of couples who had to cancel their weddings and even more of those, who already purchased a ring and was ready to pop the question, but now had to wait for the better times.

In the second week of the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine in New York, we helped a couple of clients with the proposal ideas which they were able to do right at their homes. So if you have a ring and ready for the next step, here are some cool ideas you can do in your house right now.

1. Propose on your rooftop 

Rooftop proposals are our favorite, there something truly magical in those NYC skyline views. So if you have a rooftop in your building, this is a great opportunity to utilize the space. It really doesn’t need to be a fancy roof, but it is a great way to enjoy a beautiful spring day outside. So, how can you make this home proposal romantic and memorable?


This is your chance to be creative, so don’t miss it. Maybe set up a romantic table for two on your roof, bring a speaker to play your music and decorate the space with printed pictures. You can also make a rooftop picnic and have a champagne bottle to celebrate the occasion. For the decorations, we would recommend using balloons, flowers, and pictures. You still can order flowers and balloons from the local stores, which are operating online. As of now, many NYC companies are practicing contactless delivery, when the couriers drop off the food at your door or at a designated location without any personal interaction. So you won’t have any contacts with another person.


If you want your rooftop proposal in New York to be a little fancier, you can order our huge marquee “Marry Me” sign, which we deliver straight to your rooftop and pick it up after the proposal. You can also hire our experienced team to come and decorate the rooftop for you so that all you have to do is to climb upstairs and propose.


Our paparazzi-style photography is a great example of social distancing and engagement photo session.

how to propose during coronavirus

2. Propose with the food

Perfect time to unleash your inner chef. Your partner will absolutely appreciate your effort and creativity. You can order the heart-shaped waffle and egg rings and the alphabet cutters and surprise your significant other with a customized breakfast in bed.


If you looking for something more advanced and exciting try the custom made cakes. Most of the bakeries are still open and operating online, you can order a cake and it will be delivered to you in a day. Not a big cake lover, no problem. Cupcakes with “will you marry me” writing will work as well. We had a client, who printed the whole love poem on macaroons and proposed after his girlfriend opened a box and saw the writing. Usually, those companies are not taking small orders, but in the current circumstances, they most likely will be willing to spend time on the sweet customized proposal box.


If you want to make it extra special, our Do it Yourself proposal box will be the right fit for you.  We included those “He asked” and “she said Yes” wine glasses so that you can celebrate in style.

Propose with the book during covid 19

3. Propose with the book

For those couples who love bookstores and books, this might be the ideal proposal idea. Here you have a couple of different options. First of all, you can order a hollow engagement book with any cover of your choice. You can personalize the front page and present the book to your partner. Wait till she opens it and sees the ring inside and then propose.


Another option here is to make your own relationship book and customize every page. There are many online publishing companies, who are offering customized books. You need to create everything, from the characters to the story. It definitely will take some time, but so worth it. Your partner will appreciate it and cherish this book forever.


If you want to make it extra special, our Do it Yourself proposal box will be the right fit for you.  We included those “Will You Marry Me” balloons so that you can decorate the room and propose with style.

4. Romantic room makeover 

The perfect way to sweep your partner of her feet is by transforming your apartment into an event venue. The best way will be to move some furniture around and make as much space as possible. Place the “Will You Marry Me?” banner on the central wall, put candles and string lights all around the room and add rose petals. Balloons and printed pictures of you two will be a great addition to the room makeover. The main goal here is to surprise your partner with the dramatic transformation, so you need to be extra here. Usually, we would recommend doing it while your partner at work, so that you have a good time arranging everything. But as right now everyone is working from home you can tell your partner that you planning a romantic surprise for her and want her to dress up. So while she is getting ready you can transform a room. Don’t forget about celebratory champagne and flowers. You still can order everything online and it will be delivered right to your doorsteps.


If you are not sure of what exactly to order and don’t want to wait another couple of weeks for delivery, you can get our “Do it yourself” proposal box. We included everything you need there, from the ” Will you marry me” balloons to the wine glasses, so all you need to do is just to follow the simple instructions and set everything by yourself. And if you live in NYC area we will deliver it to you within a day.


Another option will be our “Romantic Room Decorations” package, where we come into your apartment and set everything up and come the next day to pick up the decorations.

5. Propose with your pet 

If you are a proud owner of the furry friend, why not incorporate him into your marriage proposal. We all love our pets and consider them to be a part of our family, so what can be more romantic than asking your family members to help you with the big step, even if they have 4 paws. So, here we have a couple of options for you. First of all, you can order a customized name tag with the “Will You Marry Me?” writing on it. Then, you can get a custom t-shirt with a personal message, a bandana or even a tuxedo for your furry friend. Another suggestion is to teach your pet a new command, which he will do when you will be getting on one knee. We had this kind of proposal in the past and it was so sweet.


If you want to make it a little fancier, we can set up our candlelight heart package by your house, so when you will get outside to walk your dog you can go straight to the heart and propose to your partner. This will be a great surprise for your partner as she would never suspect you in doing something like that.

6. Propose like a movie star

We all have a favorite movie, so why not use that as your proposal inspiration. You can create the romantic flashcards from the “Love Actually” or propose the Richard Gere style, on the fire escape with the flowers and a ring. The most important thing here is to show your partner that you know what she likes and make the moment romantic and personal. If that sounds too sweet for you, we have a funnier option. Set up a movie night and order pizza. Make sure to ask for a heart-shaped pizza with the “Will you marry me?” written on it with the cheese (yes, you will be surprised but many pizza places are offering this custom pies), let your partner open the box and propose.


If you looking for something more advanced, we are offering custom video editing for the song of your choice. You can send us videos of you two and we will edit it and send the ready-to-watch video back to you in a week. So all you will need to do is to put it on a big screen TV in your house and propose.

7. Propose with the music 

Music will save the world, we all heard that saying, and right now it is really something we all need. Music can heal you or bring you back to your happy place or remind you of that special moment you share with your partner. So here are a couple of options for music lovers.


Serenade’s proposal is one of our new favorite proposal packages. Pretend you need to go to the grocery or walk the dog and leave the house, text your partner to go on a balcony or look at the window and surprise her with a musician singing live the song of your choice and you with the flower bouquet. Good thing is that most of the musicians can use the amplifiers, which makes the sound louder and stronger, so you don’t need to stand close to them.


Another option if you compose and perform your own song. With the help of the professional musician, you can schedule online sessions and work on your custom song together. This will really blow your partner’s mind knowing that you spend so much time and afford to surprise her.

8. Propose with caricature painting 

Another fun proposal idea, which you can do right from your home. Send us a couple of pictures of you two and a detailed description of the surrounding, where you wanted to pop the question. Maybe you were planning to go to Paris and propose there, or you had a reservation at a fancy restaurant and had to cancel due to quarantine. So our artist will create a fun sketch and send you the painting right to your house. It can be a great gift idea as well.

9. Propose with the family 

We know what you think, “Hold on, what about the social distancing?”, and we got a perfect solution for you. Break the “Will You Marry Me?” phrase into single words and assign different family members to come up with the visual sign. On the day “X” initiate the family skype session and wait till they will display the sign one by one. We guarantee your partner will be in shock.


Another variation of this idea will be for each family member to take a picture with the assigned word and send it to you. They can be as creative as they want and when you got the whole phrase make a collage and present it to your partner.


This is a perfect way to include a family in your proposal and work together as a team.

10. Propose in a game 

This is another creative proposal idea which you can do right in your house.


Set up a scavenger hunt in your apartment, make some clues and hide them all around the house. Each clue will hold a piece of the puzzle that your partner will have to collect in order to get the whole picture. Once the hunt is over and the picture is complete propose with the ring.


Another great game you can play with your partner will be “Uno”. Write your personal message in one of the spare cards and toss it back in the deck. Wait till your partner pull the card and propose while she is still in shock.

Proposals at home are fun and creative and its a great way to surprise your partner in a safe environment, where you both can be emotional and not afraid to show your feelings.


If you planning to propose these upcoming months, but don’t know where to start or if the idea you have is the right for you. Contact us now, we will schedule a skype session and discuss your options and whether we can help you with the proposal. together we will create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience for both of you.


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