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How to plan a marriage proposal for your best friend?

Sometimes it is hard to plan a proposal by yourself and it’s even harder to keep a secret from your partner. That is why many guys ask their siblings, friends, or parents to plan a marriage proposal for them. As fun and exciting as this can be, it is also a very stressful job and you are the one responsible if anything goes wrong.  So how to plan a perfect proposal in New York for your friend, brother, or son?

First of all, gather all the information you can from the groom-to-be. What is his budget? Does he want it to be public or private? What is the exact day and time? Does he want a family to be present at the proposal?

There are a lot of details that you need to gather before contacting the proposal planner, so set a time with the groom-to-be and go over all the details at once. Brainstorm the ideas and only after that reach out to the planner. Don’t go back and forth and ask every question on the go as it will easily give anxiety to the two of you and you both will be stressed. Send all the details to the planner and ask them to give you the two best options based on the information you provided.

Then, discuss those two options with the groom-to-be and make a decision.  As a friend who knows both partners, you can always suggest a thing or two, but let the person who is proposing make a decision. We saw it so many times when sisters (mothers) think that it’s their proposal and totally customize it according to their tastes and it has nothing to do with the couple. So let them decide.

Second of all, be realistic, manage your expectations accordingly and think of small details.  It is very easy to fantasize about the engagement and come up with cool, but not realistic ideas ( blocking Times Square for a flash mob, landing on a helicopter to Central Park, and so on), so always speak to the professionals first.

As a person who knows both partners, you can help to customize the experience and include things that they both like and appreciate. It can be as simple as bringing the bride-to-be her favorite pair of shoes and a makeup kit. Also, as a friend who knows the full plan, you can take care of the small details that would make the whole experience more pleasurable. For example, we recently had a proposal in the park and it was extremely cold. The girl didn’t know they would spend an hour in that cold outside and wasn’t dressed properly. But her best friend who was helping to plan the proposal brought the hand warmers for her and they were a lifesaver. Sometimes little details like this will change the whole experience and show how thoughtful you are.

But unless you have experience in the event industry, leave the decorations and logistics to the planners. It is very detailed work and you need to be fast and change things quickly if there is a problem. It will bring a lot of pressure on you, so better leave this part to the planners.

 The photography and video coverage of the proposal is another thing you need to keep in mind. Most likely you will be responsible for hiring the photographer, so make sure his portfolio has everything you are looking for. As a proposal planning company, we worked with many photographers and can easily see the difference between the proposal and the wedding photographer. Make sure you hire a proposal photographer who knows how to shoot in low light. Our head photographer, Vlad Leto is known for his exceptional work and stunning engagement portfolio. He would be the best photographer to work with.

As a friend who knows about the upcoming proposal and photo session, you can bring a makeup kit or another outfit for the bride-to-be. You can also help the couple with the poses and assist the photographer during the session. And take behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of the couple.

Timing is the last thing you will need to keep an eye on. As a person who knows the whole plan and rental limits, you will need to make sure the couple arrives at the proposal location on time. It is very important to be on time as they can miss the sunset time, but also the rental time, so timing is everything. We also encourage the couple to finish the photo session 10 minutes earlier so that they have time to take pictures and videos on their phones or call the family. And it is also a good time to call the car service and make sure you arrive at the next place on time ( restaurant or celebration location)

We hoped that this information was helpful and now you are ready to plan the best day of your friends’ lives. Contact us now at to start planning and discuss the plan with the professional planner.

Tatiana Caicedo

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