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How to Propose on a Boat

Summer in New York is absolutely fabulous. The city is radiant with greens and music and outdoors parties. But the best way to enjoy the hot summer days is definitely by the water. We love the proposals on the boats, its always fun and refreshing. So here are our top 5 boat proposal ideas for this hot summer.

1. Propose on a private sailing yacht


Oh, this yacht is a true piece of art. Beautiful sailing boat is ideal for a romantic picnic on a bow and city watch. The best view you can only ask for.  As a cover, you can tell your partner that you booked a romantic sunset yacht cruise. The yacht is leaving from downtown Manhattan and sailing around the Hudson and East River for 2 hours.  You can propose by the Statue of Liberty and sail back enjoying a glass of champagne.

2. Propose on a ferry


The Staten Island Ferry or the Governor’s Island Ferry gives a terrific look to the downtown Manhattan. This boating adventure won’t break your bank but will give you the same fantastic view.  The ferry cost is about the same price as a single metro ride. But be aware that its only 10-minute ride, so you need to propose quickly.


As a fun adventure you can propose on a ferry to the Governor’s Island and after that stay overnight the Collective Retreat camp. Fantastic getaway, which she will remember for years.

3. Propose on a gondola ride in Central Park


Central Park has it’s all, 2 nice restaurants, picnic areas, music, street artists and the lake. Right now you can rent a boat for an hour and have a slow ride around the lake, proposed by the world famous Bow Bridge and after go celebrate the engagement at the Loeb Boathouse. Another option is to reserve a private gondola ride and ask your driver to stop by the bridge, we can have a huge ” will you marry me” banner hanging off the bridge.


In both ways, it’s a very fun and pleasant sail and the park is easily accessible by metro and taxi, so you don’t need to plan your trip ahead.

4.  Propose on a private boat


This is one of our most favorite, casual boat ride proposals. The boat can accommodate 2 people and a photographer and the ride duration is about 2 hours.

After the boat stops by the Statue of Liberty, the captain will ask if you want to take a picture and that would be a signal for the proposal. Also, there is a secret GoPro camera recording the whole trip.

5. Propose on a cruise boat


This is a perfect boat for the couples, who looking to learn something new and see the city from another angle. Depending on the cruise theme, the ride duration is around 2 – 4 hours. You will learn the history of the famous city ports and will make the round trip around the island. Ideal for a day trip getaway.

We are really hoping that you will find those proposal tips helpful and if you planning to propose this summer, but dont know where to start you can contact us now at or call 347 927 9458 and our experienced team will help you to create the best day of your life.

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