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How To Propose On The Ice Skating Rink


Winter is coming and so as fun winter activates. New York has so many great ice skating rinks, that if you planning to propose this Holiday season, you might consider doing it on one of them.  Most of the ice skating rinks are located in the picturesque places, so that it will look amazing on your pictures. So here are the things you need to know about the ice skating proposal.




Most of the ice skating rinks will allow you to use the rink after the common session. Meaning if the session starts at 12.30pm you will be proposing at 2 pm. Its good to keep this in mind when you planning your proposal day and booking the restaurant.  If you proposing at the Rockefeller center ice skating rink, there are lots of other things that you can do while waiting for your time. You can plan your day around that are, so it wouldn’t be suspicious.   But if you renting Wollman rink in Central Park, they will gave you the exact time, so that you don’t have to wait.  Sea port ice skating rink will allow you to pop the question after hours of operation, which is even better, because the whole area will be covered with lights and decorations.




Every single ice skating rink allows you to choose the song, that you want to play while you proposing. Some of them asking you to bring CD with the song, others will put it on from the phone.  Chose the song for your proposal wisely. From the experience, here is top 5 songs people use for the proposals.


Jason  Mraz – Lucky

George Michael – Never Dance Again

John Legend – All of Me

Ed Shereen – Tenerife Sea

John Mayer – XO




All ice skating rinks are offering a complimentary champagne toast after the proposal. But if you are looking for something more than that, it is better to reserve a table in the nearby restaurant. Rockefeller ice skating rink have a fine dining restaurant right by the rink, so that you can enjoy and celebrate your engagement there, not leaving the area.

Central Park doesn’t have a big choice of the restaurants. But you can always reserve a table at the Loeb Boathouse and Tavern on the Green. Also, Wollman Rink is conveniently located to the 5 avenue and you can find tons of good places there. Downtown Sea Port area might be tricky. It has a good selection of the restaurants, but most of the businesses are closed there on the weekends.


So make sure you think of this ahead and booked a table in advance.





Ice skating rink is a public place, so your partner will never suspect anything if some “tourist” will be making pictures of the crowd during the session. 90% of the women never thought that there was a photographer making pictures of them. At the end you will get the pictures of before/during and after the proposal.


Hope this guide was helpful for you and makes you proposal planning a little easier. Remember you can always count on us to help you organize your proposal day.


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