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How to propose on Times Square Billboard this Valentine’s Day

Times Square Billboard proposal is always fun and shocking, that is why we really think its a perfect way to surprise your partner on this special day. Its not a secret, that every girl expects a romantic surprise or a proposal on this day, so why not to make it big and shocking. Here are some tips on how to make Valentine’s Day unforgetable.

Things to remember:


  1. You need to book the billboard at least 2 weeks in advance. Meaning, if you want to have February 14th spot, you need to contact us now or February 1 the latest.
  2. Good, clear, high resolution pictures. If you proposing on a small screen its 1 picture, the “OMG” screen is 5 good pictures and the biggest screen is 10. You need to give pictures in advance for the screen approval. 
  3. Time. Its 5 minutes of airtime, for the small and “omg” screens and 10 minutes for the “wow” billboard. If you missed the time, you missed the time. The pictures and words will be on the screen as scheduled, no matter what. So, please book wisely. And plan your day according to that. 
  4. Cancellation. There is no reschedule or calculations, once it’s booked its booked. 
  5. There is 2 hr gap between the billboard proposals, so dont come to the area earlier if you dont want to bump into another couple.

Things you can add to enhance the proposal:


    1. Limo or a vintage car. After the proposal the car arrives and brings you straight to the restaurant. Perfect addition to the grand proposal.
    2. Flowers. Yes, you need a nice flower bouquet. It’s a very cute romantic touch and looks good on the pictures. 
    3. Musician. Yes, depending on the screen. Wont work with the small billboard.
    4. Flash Mob. NO, no, no. Its Times Square, it’s already crowded, you don’t want to add more people there. Plus the tourists are always around and it’s just not comfortable. 
    5. Photo and Video. Yes, you absolutely need to remember this moment, so Vlad Leto will be you go to photographer.

Dont wait till the last-minute to book a billboard as its first come, first served policy and your day and time might not be available. Reach out to us know at  and we will be more than happy to help you out to plan the unforgettable proposal, she will never forgets.

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