Private pier with the Empire State Building view marriage proposal

What can be more romantic than the public proposal in a private setting? That was exactly what Irosh had in mind, to surprise his girlfriend with an outstanding marriage proposal on one of the public piers. He wanted to decorate the pier with the led lights and that’s where we came on board.

Pier 1 at the Gantry Plaza State Park is one of the most photographed places in NY. It has marvelous views of the Manhattan skyline and the Empire State Building. In order to decorate the whole pier we needed more than 7000 lights, but the result was absolutely stunning.

When Irosh and Joy reached the pier, the security guard was watching the entrance and when the couple inquires what was happening there he said that the pier was closed for a special event, but if they want they can take a quick photo inside. Irosh took his girlfriend by the hand and walked towards the pier end. When they reached the middle of the pier, all of a sudden the ” Marry Me’ sign lighten up and Irosh got on one knee. Joy was so shocked and surprised, and couldn’t believe her boyfriend did all that for her. In a second she saw all her family running towards her and she was in a complete shock.

Congratulations Joy and Irosh on your engagement!

If you are planning to propose this fall but dont know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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