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Remi and Nareh engagement on a luxury penthouse terrace in New York

Remi decided to surprise his girlfriend with the marriage proposal on a fun getaway weekend in New York. It was a planned trip with the closest friends and he knew that it was a perfect opportunity to catch his girlfriend off guard. So while Nareh was planning city activities, he and her best friend were planning a marriage proposal. When they reached out to us, the main request for the engagement venue was the view. Remi wanted to have a stunning Manhattan skyline view for his marriage proposal and we knew right away that our new luxury penthouse terrace would be a perfect fit.

After weeks of planning we come up with the cover story and on the proposal day, the couple was going to the new rooftop bar for drinks. When the elevator doors open Nareh saw a path with roses leading to the balcony and looked at her boyfriend with the questions in her eyes. Remi took his girlfriend by the hand and walked towards the sign. He got on one knee and put a ring on Nareh’s finger and she cried ” Omg, I love it!”

But that was not everything. Aline, her best friend knew that her friend would love to look her best for the pictures, so she brought a stunning pink dress along with the shoes to the penthouse. Nareh changed to a new outfit and was ready to pose for the engagement pictures.

Congratulations Remi and Nareh on your engagement!

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