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Romantic Picnic Marriage Proposal

Picnic season is coming soon. Its one of our most favorite proposal packages and its always fun to organize it.


So, how does it works:

  1. We choose the picnic place together
  2. Making you a map, so that you know where to go
  3. on the proposal day, we sending you a picture of the set up and waiting. for your arrival.
  4. you surprise your partner with the marriage proposal
  5. having a great time celebrating
  6. leaving the picnic behind , we will take care of  the rest


Things you need to know:

  1. picnic duration is 1 hour
  2. not all parks are allow picnics
  3. alcohol is legal not allowed
  4. picnic can be rescheduled if the weather is not permitted


Why we love it:

Its always a great surprise. Just imagine you walking in a park and see a very nice set up and there is your pictures there. Also, its perfect for summer and beautiful sunny days

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