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Perfect fall proposal ideas in New York

It is finally the perfect weather in New York and according to the locals, this is the best season to visit the city. New York City is very romantic during the fall season: the leaves in Central Park are changing their colors, every store has seasonal decorations and everything is pumpkin spice.  So if you were looking for the perfect time to propose, it is now.

How to propose in New York this fall season?


  1. Propose outdoors

This is the only season when the temperature is just right and it is actually nice to be outside. The leaves are already changing colors and the foliage peak is usually around mid-October to November.  The fall colors look amazing in the pictures, so you don’t need any additional decorations for the proposal, just choose the most picturesque location and the right time. Of course, don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture the surprise.

Where to propose: Central Park would be the first obvious choice, as there is nothing more beautiful than the Bow Bridge during the fall. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the High Line Park would be absolutely stunning locations during this month as well. The new park, called the Little Island is covered in seasonal greens and we are expecting it to look colorful and picture-worthy as well.

2. Embrace the seasonal activities

This is the only season when you can incorporate the outdoor activities into your proposal without giving away the surprise because there are so many of them. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, corn maze run, sunflowers picking, pumpkins picking, Halloween parties, and dog costume parades, and that’s just the beginning. Just imagine, how romantic it will be to go apple picking and stumble upon the surprise picnic, or visit the pumpkin festival and find the ” Will You Marry Me” pumpkin.

3. Take a day trip outside the city

If you are a fall enthusiast and can’t imagine this season without seeing the real foliage, take your partner for a day trip adventure and propose with the most stunning views nature has to offer. One of the best foliage can be seen in Upstate NY and NJ. The most scenic destinations would be Cold Springs,  Beacon, Wave Hill, Governor’s Isl, and the Duke Farm in NJ. When planning your destination proposal, be sure you have a photographer on site who would capture the moment and take pictures after the proposal with stunning views. Also, you can take the foliage cruise and enjoy the foliage views from the river.


4. Cozy rooftop

Last warm days are perfect for the romantic rooftop proposal. Surprise your partner with the sunflower decorations and the hot apple cider toast. This is the perfect option for couples who love fall but prefer to enjoy it from the city. With more than 10 rooftops listed on our website we definitely will find the one that would fit your needs.

5. Photo session

From experience, this is the season when couples love to hire a photographer and take couples photo sessions. How clever it would be to incorporate a proposal into the already scheduled session! After you booked the photographer and discussed the location and the theme with your partner, contact him separately and let him know about your proposal plans. This is a perfect way to be sure your partner would look their best and still get the surprise.

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If you are planning to propose in New York this fall season and don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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