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Surprise Bow Bridge marriage proposal

Bow Bridge is known all over the world as the most photographed place in Central Park. This location appeared in many movies and very popular with weddings and marriage proposals.

Our favorite location is actually small wooden landing on the lake, which has the direct view of the bridge. This location is ideal for a surprise engagement. For this proposal we had a very specific plan, Samir wanted his family to be present at the proposal, but he also want them to be a surprise. He also want them to hold the ‘Marry Me’ sign. Easy said than done.

On the proposal day we coordinate with the family and hide them, so that Samir wouldn’t bumped into them while they walk through the bridge. As soon as he passed Bow Bridge we signaled the family and they walked to the bridge.

When Samir get on one knee he told his girlfriend to look around and she saw her whole family on the bridge holding the ‘Marry Me’ sign. ¬†Of course it was a ‘YES”!

It was a beautiful and emotional proposal and the whole family had the opportunity to help out.

If you planning to propose this summer but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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