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Stories from our clients: Renne and Vincent love story

“In February I traveled to India with my mother and during my time there we went to visit my mom’s family members from her town where she grew up. During my first week there I met Renne’s aunt and uncle who were childhood friends with my mom. In meeting them they mentioned they had a Niece who lived in New York that would visit them every few years. They knew I was single and she was single so they introduced us while I was still in India and she was in New York.  That’s how me and Renne 1st met and began talking on the phone. When I arrived back to The U.S. 3 weeks later which was March 8th we began making plans to meet. I booked a trip to New York for her Birthday on April 6th but then the pandemic hit on March 16th and they started shutting everything down. New York was the highest in COVID cases at that time  so it was all new to us and we were both nervous for me coming and staying in a hotel, etc. I ultimately booked a room and drove to New York April 5th and the next day on her Bday I met her for the 1st time and it’s been been a blessing ever since. Eventually I went back in May then she came to visit with her mom in June. After many more visits back n forth from New York to Chicago and our parents meeting and getting along very well, we fell in Love. I knew she was the one. I began planning a proposal in September and finally after much planning for the location, date, shopping for the ring, and everything else I was able to ask her to Merry me on 12/27/2020. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to propose but I knew I needed it to be very special and I wanted it to be private. Considering she is from New York I began looking at different scenarios and with some help, I was able to propose to her on the rooftop in Manhattan with candlelight, roses, and a beautiful New York City Skyline backdrop. It was absolutely perfect”, Vincent

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