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Top New York City marriage proposal ideas

“New York is not a city, it’s a world”  you can see this slogan almost in every gift shop in the city and it can’t be more true.  New York City is known all over the world for its picturesque views and vibrant lifestyle, so it’s not a surprise that lots of couples are coming here to get engaged. From a private rooftop with a breathtaking view of the biggest billboard on Times Square, you can bring your wildest proposal idea into reality in New York. So if you are planning on getting engaged in NYC, here are top proposal ideas you can do in this city.

1. Central Park 

One of the most beautiful parks in New York, known all over the world from the movies and tv shows. When you plan on getting engaged in Central Park, think of location first. There are lots of spots in the park from where you can see the Manhattan skyline and that looks amazing in the pictures. How to propose in Central Park: there are lots of options, the most popular will be a romantic picnic proposal in Central Park, flash mob proposal, romantic horse and carriage ride through the park, gondola proposal and many others. Our favorite will be the ” Light the Night” proposal package. We set up more than 100 led candles and string lights and illuminated the whole boat landing deck. It looks absolutely magical and your partner would be thrilled to know that it was made just for her.

2. Times Square 

This the busiest area in the city and home of the main broadway show theaters in New York. Times Square has its separate life from the rest of the city and worth visiting after sunset. Neon signs and huge billboards illuminated the square the whole night long. This is the perfect place to get engaged if you are not a shy couple and don’t mind public attention. Times Square Billboard proposal will definitely catch her by surprise. No one ever expects to be in the busiest street in the city and see themselves on the gigantic billboard. If you are not a fan of the crowds proposed at the restaurant facing the billboard. Most important don’t forget to hire your secret proposal photographer to capture her surprise.

3. New York Public Library 

This is the biggest library in New York and a landmark building in Midtown Manhattan. NYPL has absolutely mind-blowing architecture and an ideal place for book lovers. You can find a quiet corner at the Irma and Paul Milstein Room or propose in the main reading room, whatever you choose make sure that our paparazzi-style photographer is on-site because those engagement pictures will be amazing. Also, consider proposing outside of the library as it has a beautiful background and will look really good on the pictures.

4. Whispering gallery, Grand Central 

This is a real hidden gem of Grand Central. The whispering gallery is located on the lower level right in front of the Oyster Bar entrance. You and your partner will have to stand in the opposite corners of the arched entryway facing the corner. When you whisper in one corner the partner can hear you as if you are standing right in front of them and not across the hall. There is no exact explanation of why and how it appeared in Grand Central, but this unique place attracts lovers from all over the city. What a creative way to pop the question. And you absolutely need secret proposal photography and video for this proposal as the reaction will be mind-blowing.

5.Private rooftop with the Empire State Building view

There is nothing like the NYC skyline, it is absolutely breath-taking and looks stunning on the pictures. From all the engagement ideas in New York, a private rooftop is our most favorite. We have more than 10 private rooftops in the city, overlooking the most iconic places such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want to surprise your partner with an unforgettable marriage proposal experience, the private rooftop is your go-to option.  Usually, we set it up with hundreds of led candles, rose petals and huge marry me sign, the photographer is taking the hidden pictures at first and when you get on one knee he is coming closer and doing more obvious shots. This proposal will be impossible to forget.

6. Sailing boat sunset proposal 

New York City looks absolutely different from the water and there is nothing like sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge with the love of your life. Sailing boat is the perfect opportunity to wow your partner and take a closer look at the world-famous Statue of Liberty and the Governor’s Island. Usually, the boat rental is from 2 to 4 hours, so it is enough time for sightseeing. Our “Private sailing boat” marriage proposal is perfect for summer and early fall engagements. To make it more romantic we include celebratory champagne and a hidden photographer, who will pretend to be a part of the crew till the moment is right.

7.Brooklyn Bridge 

This bridge became the symbol of New York, and to cross it is the number one attraction in all city guide books. Brooklyn bridge is connecting the Manhattan and Brooklyn islands and easy to cross by. It is a very picturesque location, but we would not recommend proposing on the bridge. It is much better to propose from the Dumbo area, which has a Brooklyn Bridge view and the Manhattan skyline in one shot. From all Brooklyn proposal ideas, we especially love the ” Candlelight heart plus photography” package. We set the candlelight heart right on the promenade, so when you and your partner are taking a stroll around the area you will stumble upon a beautiful setup and propose with the Brooklyn Bridge view on your background.

8.Roaring 20’s 

New York in the roaring ’20s was amazing, jazz music, speakeasy bars, and cars were the main components of that era. As a real New Yorkers, we couldn’t pass that time and come up with a unique proposal idea: Our vintage car will pick you up from the preassigned location and will drive you around the city. Your chauffeur and a guide will tell you everything about the history of the city of that era and will drop you off at the real speakeasy bar. When you walk in you will find yourself in a private room with a live jazz singer and a romantic table for two. You propose and enjoy the romantic setting and your partner’s admiration.

9. Michelin star restaurant 

When you think about getting engaged in NYC proposal ideas, consider the Michelin star restaurant. New York is the real paradise for foodies and if you are one of those couples who love good food, this is the perfect proposal for you. There are around 120 Michelin star restaurants in New York, so you definitely find the one you like. From the experience, we love private dining marriage proposals, because you can be creative here and not afraid to express your feelings. Our ” Proposal decorations” package is exactly what you need in here. We are decorating the private dining room with candles and rose petals, the musician is playing the songs of your choice and the photographer will be taking secret pictures.

10. Private Garden 

If you love to propose outside, but want to make your engagement private, this is a perfect proposal idea for you. New York is famous for its private gardens and rooftop farms, why not propose there. We set up candles and string lights to make the garden look magical and all you need to do is to step inside and pop the question. There are also a couple of gorgeous rooftop gardens in the city and they will be perfect for a brunch engagement. Don’t forget to hire a secret photographer to capture this beautiful moment.
New York is always a good idea. This city has everything you need and with professional help, your marriage proposal will be unforgettable for both of you. If you are planning to get engaged in NYC and don’t know which proposal idea to choose or where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the proposal of your dreams.

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