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8 Mistakes to avoid when proposing on Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be very stressful as well. Dealing with family, the holidays, and a proposal can be too much and you can find yourself overwhelmed and not enjoying the planning process as much as you thought you would.   The proposal should be perfect but when we have a lot going on we can make a mistake by accident that could ruin the Christmas engagement. Here are the top mistakes to avoid when proposing on Christmas.

  1. Go for intimacy: Sometimes people like to propose during a big crowded event like a tree lighting, baseball game, etc but your proposal should be intimate and special. Instead of proposing during the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting go for something more private like the ice rink at Rockefeller plaza. You still have the amazing background of the decor and Christmas tree but it’s less crowded so it’s a great Christmas proposal idea. Rockefeller plaza is a memorable location which makes it one of the best places to propose in New York during the holidays. Don’t forget to have a New York proposal photographer capture the magical Christmas proposal.
  2. Don’t propose on Christmas Day: You want your engagement day to be your special day. Since Christmas Day is a national holiday that isn’t going to be as memorable as picking a different day that is just yours and your partners. Instead, you can propose before Christmas Day, maybe even Christmas Eve if you’re feeling daring and then you can celebrate Christmas as a newly engaged couple the next day. Don’t forget to hire our paparazzi-style photographer to capture that big surprise.
  1. Make it private: proposing in front of the family can be a lot of pressure so instead choose a moment when there will be just the two of you and then celebrate with the family. You can choose a private rooftop in New York for your surprise engagement or go with the classical ‘ dinner’ proposal. 
  2. Don’t propose on Christmas just because it’s Christmas: Is it your family or the holidays that’s making you want to propose now? You should propose on a date that is significant for you and your partner. You can work with a personal proposal planner to make a date that means something to you and your future spouse and you can create a custom one-of-a-kind experience. Your New York proposal planner will make everything flawless!
  3. Make sure you have a full plan: if you are proposing during the holidays you must keep in mind to plan things ahead. You don’t want to have the proposal planned only to be scrambling to find a restaurant to eat at afterward. Instead, have our experienced New York proposal planner plan a full day from top to bottom from where to eat afterward to where to take your engagement session photos. 
  4. You must have a plan B: if you plan a proposal for Central Park and a blizzard is now here on the day you picked you want to make sure you have a backup plan so you don’t ruin your New York Christmas proposal. Always talk to your New York proposal planner about a plan B. If it’s raining you want to make sure you have a good idea of a best-covered place to propose in New York for a backup. If you are stuck in your hotel we can provide a stunning hotel room makeover so you can still have the proposal of your dreams. You can even take pictures afterward with our talented proposal photographer. 
  5. Don’t forget to capture the moments: this is a very important day for you and your partner don’t forget to get a secret proposal photographer to capture all of it. This is something you and your family are going to want to see. Don’t plan the perfect proposal without remembering to get a New York Proposal photographer to capture the raw moments of when your partner says “Yes!” You will both want to have beautiful pictures of this day to show all of your family and friends during Christmastime, it even makes for a great Christmas card photo!
  1. Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays: Don’t let the proposal planning stress you out so much that you forget to enjoy all the holidays. That is why you need to have a  proposal planner, who will help you plan everything without the stress of doing it all on your own. This way your proposal will be all set and you can enjoy your holidays.

We hope you are able to have a stress-free Christmas proposal without any mistakes with the help of a proposal planner and a New York proposal photographer. Don’t forget to reach out to us at to start planning your dream proposal. Be sure to look at all of our New York proposal packages to pick the best one for your New York Christmas proposal. 

Naomi Concetta Rinzivillo

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