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Beautiful Candlelight Heart Proposal Under the Manhattan Bridge

With the weather in New York, you never know if its  going to rain or snow. So when we are planning our proposals we always have the backup location, where we can move in case of the bad weather. Thats exactly what happened with us this week. The original spot was too open and it was raining so we have to move to the Archway. I bet you have never heard of this spot, but it is very cute and private  spot, that will work perfectly for the rainy days.


Where:  The Archway is a 7,000 square foot space under the Manhattan Bridge, paved with historic Belgian block and boasting a 45′ height. The Archway was closed for 17 years and was reopened for the public in 2007. The Archway is on Water Street between Adams Street and Anchorage Place in DUMBO.


Why: the archway is under the bridge, so this location is covered. Also, if you planning to have a musician, this place will work perfectly because the acoustics is very good. Not that crowded, as most of the people dont know that place.


Cons: might be loud because of the train. Also, sometimes there are public events hosted at that place, so need to check in advance.


Our proposal: So as I said we moved to the archway because of the bad weather and we were so happy we did. It was the “light the night’ proposal, which is 150 LED Candles and fairy lights. We set up a candlelight heart and waited for the couple. As soon as they came in, the girl goest directly to us and asked to make a picture of her and her boyfriend in the heart as she thought it was a public art installation ( felt so around of my heart art). Vlad ( our head photographer) without any hesitation took the camera and start to shoot them. You can imagine her surprise when her boyfriend got on one knee and ask her hand. ” I made it specially for you”, he said. She was so surprised and shocked.


I think this is the best proposal scenario, when your partner have no idea that everything was created specially for her.


Packages: ” Light the Night” and 1 hour Photography.

Hope you will find this information helpful and please feel free to ask us the questions directly.


Tatiana Caicedo

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