Candlelight Marriage Proposal Ideas

A marriage proposal is one of life’s defining events. So make it unforgettable takes a lot of work. One of our most favorite decorations for the proposals are the LED Candles. There’s something timeless and romantic about the soft light of a candle. First of all it is safe, no burns, no fires, just the warm, soft light. Second of all it stays great under rain, snow and wind.  So here are some ideas of how to incorporate LED Candles in your perfect proposal.

  1. Make a path.

It is Perfect indoor proposal.  We set the candles on both sides of the hall leading to the main room.  First of all, it creates the mood right away. Second, she will have this desire to see where is it leading to.  Also works great  on the terrace or rooftop, when the city lights blends in with the candles it creates pure magic.

2. Candlelight heart

Amazing and simple marriage proposal ideas. We set up the heart in your “special place” or advice you on the best location for it. 150 Led Candles makes a perfect full heart, big enough for you two to step inside. Ask the big question surrounded by warm lights and we promise it will blows her mind. Also, It looks just fantastic on the pictures.

3.  Spell it out

Great for the indoor and outdoor proposals.  Sparkling “Will you marry me?”  Letters will be seen from far away, but she still will have no idea it is all just for her. Best combine words with the music and hire a musician to play your favorite song, while you proposing.

4. Full candles decoration

This is perfect for the park proposals. We decorate the whole gazebo with LED candles, string lights, tea lights candles and the result is breathtaking.  The area is lightened up and sparkles from far ahead. She will have the desire to come and check what is that all about.  Bring her in the center of the gazebo, get on one knee and propose. Truly magical proposal. Also, we love using this style for the “Beauty and the Beast” theme proposal, because it is looks enchanting.

5.  Mixed Led Candles and bulb lights.

It looks fantastic on the rooftops. The bulb lights hanging in the air, Led candles on the floor and city lights on the background, that really lights up the night.

We all know that candles, fireplaces, and sometimes even campfires are symbols of warmth, closeness, and romance.  We know how to set up the romantic mood and leave the feeling of magic in your heart.

And don’t forget to hire the photographer to capture this once in a lifetime moment.

Tatiana Caicedo

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