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Best places to propose in Brooklyn.

When you planning to propose in New York, the first thing you do is check the best places with the good view for the proposal. Central Park, Empire State building, Rockefeller center and many other city attractions is usually the first choice. But lets face it, it might be a little too obvious and predictable. Brooklyn might be a good alternative option in this case. So here is our top 5 places to propose on the Brooklyn side.


1. Brooklyn Bridge


I know what you think, but Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic place and it looks beautiful on the pictures. You can walk through the bridge and propose right in the middle with the both Manhattan and Brooklyn sides in sign.  Quick tips do it ether early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It might be crowded during the day, and avoid the weekends.  Also from time to time it might be on renovation, so check in advance for it.


2. Brooklyn Bridge Park


This park is absolutely gorgeous and unlike any place in the city it has a beautiful Manhattan view.  You can choose the Jan’s Carousel or the place between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, which looks fantastic on the pictures.


3. At the River Café


This place is chic and romantic. It is famous for its high class cuisine and wonderful view. This would definitely be the place where you can ask your significant one the main question. They also have a great garden and terrace, which is amazing especially at summer time. Please note that you need to make a reservation in advance.


4. On the private boat


You can get a private boat at the pier 1 and go on sail around the statue of Liberty. It is perfect option for summer and autumn time proposals.  Just imagine you and your significant one on a romantic boat ride at the sunset, what can be better? The duration of the ride is 2 hours, quite enough for the proposal and champagne celebration.


5. Propose on a rooftop farm


Be creative and set up a romantic proposal on a rooftop farm overlooking the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. The rooftop is a huge life garden with the vegetables and flowers; it is very unique and original place. The view is breathtaking, especially on the sunset.  The private rooftop rental goes for 2 hours and you can bring your picnic with you.

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