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How to surprise your partner with the ” Marry Me’ sign proposal

Imagine walking along the boardwalk in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and stumble upon a beautiful sign that says ” Marry Me” and a candlelight heart. Your partner is sure that it is not for you and trying to walk you out of the proposal spot, but you get on one knee and propose. She is in shock and can’t believe you plan all that without her knowing it. But how exactly did you plan it?

1. The first thing to remember is to plan everything in advance. The more time you give the planner before the proposal, the smoother it goes. It also will give you enough time to obtain the permit to be sure that there won’t be another proposal on your spot.

2. Location scouting.  You saw those pictures online and really hooked up on the idea to propose on the same spot. Which will be great and memorable. But sometimes it’s worth it put extra time and effort and find something new. The same Dumbo area is full of picturesque locations, so you can ask your planner to send you 2-3 choices besides the one you liked.

3. Time. The led sign works better at night when you can see the lights. So if you are planning to use one, always choose the later hour. Also, the later it is the fewer people will be there, so you will have more privacy.

4. Story. You need to come up with a believable story of why are you going to that area. The most obvious one would be a dinner reservation as the Dumbo area is known for its fancy restaurants. And here you have two options, propose before the dinner and celebrate at the restaurant. Or propose after, when she is least expecting it.

5. Photographer. It goes without saying that the photographer became the second most important part of the proposal preparation. When choosing the photographer check his night pictures and see if you like the style. Ask if he is going to bring any lighting equipment and what is his process of work. Our head photographer Vlad Leto is known for his night photography and you can be sure your pictures would look exactly like on the website.

When planning your ” Marry Me” proposal in Dumbo, Brooklyn always keeps in mind the weather. There is no cover in case of rain, so if it rains it rains. Also, during the winter months, it is the coldest location in the city, so you need to be dressed properly. Brooklyn waterfront is an absolutely marvelous location with tons of unique places and photo opportunities, so you don’t need to concentrate on the Dumbo area only.

If you know you want to propose this year and looking for a creative way to do so, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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