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Best Places to propose in Central Park this holiday season.

Holidays are always the magical time of the year, with the city decorations and Christmas trees on every corner, it is the time of joy and beginning of something new and special. But there is something really special about celebrating Christmas in New York. You will not recognize the city, it is just glowing with lights and extravagant decorations,  it is the most romantic time of the year to pop the question.

When our clients are asking about the best places to propose during this high season, Central Park is always the answer.

You will find everything you need there. From the picturesque Ice Skating rink to a quiet private spot, from the movie famous locations to a hidden park gem, from a romantic sunset horse and carriage ride to a wild street performance, this park has it all.

Where to propose in Central Park this holiday season?
  1. Ice Rink

You need to decide if you want your proposal to be private or you don’t mind the crowd. If so, the ice skating rink will be the perfect option. It is the most famous ice rink in the city, with a beautiful skyline view. It is twice bigger than the Rockefeller Center ice rink. When you request a proposal, the rink will give you the time between the sessions and will play the song of your choice through the speakers.

How can we help? You can add the illuminated ” Marry Me” sign to it for a bigger surprise. It looks absolutely stunning and she will never see its coming.

2. Gapstow Bridge.

 This spot looks like the picture from the postcard, especially in winter. The brick bridge, the lake, and the Manhattan skyline create the magical picture altogether. The best time to propose will be in the morning when the sun is up and the skyline is clearly seen. The only cons of this place will be its close location to the ice rink, so there will be a lot of people passing by.

How can we help? We love organizing our “Proposal with Musician” there. With the musical touch, this spot becomes very romantic. And don’t forget the paparazzi-style photographer, who will be recording this event secretly.

3. Tavern on the Green.

If you looking for a beautiful setting and a romantic atmosphere, this restaurant should be right for you. Located in the middle of Central Park, this chic Tavern has its own Christmas Tree in the yard, the cozy fireplace, and jazz performances every evening. You can come here for dinner and pop the question by the tree.

How can we help? We can arrange secret photography and video and place the engagement ring at the Christmas ornament ball and place it on the tree. So when you and your partner come out to take some pictures you can surprise her by picking up the ornament and proposing.

4. Wagner’s Cove

This romantic spot is ideal for the couples, who want to be outside, but still, have more privacy. Conveniently located by the Cherry Hill Fountain, the cove is off the tourist’s path and has the beautiful Lake view.

How can we help?

Due to its private location, this spot is very popular with weddings and elopements, so if you really want to propose in here we can take the park permit for you and guarantee the spot.

We also this that our “Flower heart and Photography” package is ideal for this place. There is nothing like fresh flower decorations on a cold winter proposal day.

For faster transportation, we can offer you the ” Horse and Carriage” package, where the carriage will bring you right to the Cherry Hill fountain and you just walk down the steps and walk into the cove. This is also very comfortable as after the proposal you can get back to the carriage and continue your ride.

5. Belvedere Castle 

After a long reconstruction, this beautiful castle is finally opened for the public and it is a wonderful spot for a marriage proposal. The castle has a lake view and two covered terraces, where you can hide from the rain or snow. Plus the area around it is so picturesque. Also, not so popular with the tourists as it is a little further up in the park.

How can we help? Our ” Harry Potter themed” proposal package fits perfectly with this spot. Just imagine walking up the stairs and find the wizard terrace with the magical attributes, capes and magic wands. The best part, we can hide the ring beforehand into the spellbook, that has a secret hollow opening in it. This proposal is so unique, she will remember it forever.

We really hope you find this information useful and if you planning to propose this upcoming season, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

Vlad and Tatiana

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