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Best Proposal Ideas To Do Right Now

Yes Spring is half way in New York and its the perfect time to start planning your big step. The major city parks started to bloom and love and romance is just in the air. You planning to pop the question and looking for ideas, so here are our good proposal ideas you can use right now.

1. Picnics


Yes! Its finally time for an outdoor picnic. Nice, romantic set up in the middle of the park with champagne and strawberries. ¬†Perfect spring proposal and big surprise for your partner. Not sure that Central Park will be your fit, try the Riverside Park or Battery Park. Also, we can do urban picnic style. Just imagine you find a set up dinner table with candles and light appetizers on the High Line Park or Bryant Park. Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture her surprise.

Ideas for a picnic proposal in NYC

2. Serenade proposal


Oh music makes every proposal special and brings personal touch. Every couple has their own love song, so why not to propose with it. Set up a place in a park or the pier and bring your partner. As soon as you start to propose the musician will start to play your love song. Music makes everything so much better.

3. Flower Heart


Flowers are the first signals of spring, so what a great option for proposal. Choose her favorite color or go with the classic red, set up a heart in the park or any other spot. Bring your partner there and propose. This is a great spring choice, especially when the wether is nice and sun is shining, colors are blooming and love is everywhere.

4. Private Boat


Its finally warm outside, so the boat season is officially open. Invite your partner for a romantic boat ride. Ride around the city and view the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. At some moment the Capitan will stop the boat for you to take the pictures and thats when you propose. Chill champagne will wait for you in the freezer, so that you can continue the ride and celebrate the engagement.

5. Rooftop


Our most favorite proposal idea is of course, rooftop. Night sky, city lights and warm wing is ideal for a romantic, breathtaking proposal. Choose the rooftop that suits you and your personality, create an unbeatable cover and surprise your partner. Go with the classic Empire State Building proposal or choose the downtown skyline. Dont forget to hire a photographer to capture that beautiful moment.

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