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Christmas “Do” and “Don’t”s

Christmas is right around the corner and it is one of the best times to surprise your partner with a marriage proposal. It is the perfect time of the year to pop the question and the possibilities of how to do it are endless. Here are our Christmas proposal ‘ Do’ and ‘ Don’t’s that might help to plan a perfect marriage proposal for your partner.

Christmas ‘ Do’s

  1. Propose on Christmas eve. It is one of the most romantic days of the year, it is the time for magic and miracles. And what can be better than the Christmas celebration as an engaged couple?
  2. Propose at the hotel. This year with the restriction on traveling lots of couples experienced staycation. This is the perfect way to surprise your partner without leaving the city. Rent a fancy hotel room and ask us to decorate it for a proposal. Your partner would never be more surprised then after she walks into the room and sees the ‘ Will you marry me’ balloon decorations.
  3. Propose on a snow day. December is famous for its snow days in NYC, if you lucky and it snows on the week when you were planning to propose, use this opportunity and ask your partner out. Visit Central Park and propose in the middle on the white wonderland. Those engagement pictures would be outstanding.
  4. Propose on a private rooftop. This year, privacy and social distancing became the essential parts of our everyday life and those elements are perfect for a proposal surprise. Instead of a flash mob proposal on Times Square, pick a private rooftop with a breathtaking view and decorate it in a winter chalet theme style. Propose in private and spend the evening drinking champagne and listening to jazz music.
  5. Incorporate the traditions. If you want to catch your partner off guard incorporate the proposal into your yearly traditions. For example, if every year you go to the tree farm to get your Christmas tree, ask your planner to make a set up there and surprise your partner with the ring. If every year you attend a Christmas caroling competition, hire a caroling group to perform a special song just for you.

Christmas ‘Don’t’s

  1. Some people don’t like Christmas and some girls don’t find it romantic to propose on the big Holidays. So if there any chances that your partner is not a Christmas enthusiast, better wait and propose on a day that doesn’t have a big meaning, but will have one for the two of you.
  2. Don’t make the engagement ring to be the Christmas present. An engagement ring is a promise and a symbol of commitment, it should never be presented as a gift.
  3. Don’t propose in front of family members that you never met. If you spending Christmas with family members that you never met before, it’s better to ask your partner in private and later celebrate with them. You don’t know if your partner actually wants everyone to be present at her engagement, you don’t know how those relatives will react and what is their attitude towards marriage in general, so better do it in private.
  4. Sometimes the end of the year not only brings cheers and joy but also extra stress and anxiety as it is always the time when we need to finish all the deadlines at work, find the perfect present for the family and actually meet the family. If you know that your partner is far from being excited about the Holidays and future family meetings, maybe wait a little and propose when she will be more relaxed and can actually fully enjoy her engagement.
  5. Don’t make the proposal to be the highlight of your Christmas. For some people, Christmas proposals feel like a lack of trying, when the partner chooses the most sparkle and bright holiday and don’t actually put any thought and effort into the engagement. If you proposing on the Holidays, always include a personal touch into the proposal, plan the dinner after the engagement and activities for the month.

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