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Engagement props. What is it and why you need it?

We all saw those ” He asked” and ” She said Yes” engagement signs. It looks fun and make pictures to look more vivid.  The whole point of using the engagement propos is to  personalized your images and to add more interest to the picture. It also looks very fun and creative. 


Choose your style.

When you choosing the propos, think of  how it can help to enhance your image as a couple. Maybe you both big coffee lovers, so the cute shots at the local coffee shop with ” does this mug makes me look engaged” will be so cute. Or maybe you very sassy couple, so you can use those cards with ” Damm, about time” written on it. 

Amazon, selling whole ” Engagement announcement kit” that consists of different propos and cards. Not my favorite to tell the truth, they are made of paper, so any rain  or heavy wind will destroy it. 

We love the wooden boards. Look very neat and stable. Also, remember that those things are just for fun and its an addition to you. Dont overdo it, dont bring too much or it will look like a party booth but not an engagement session. 


Go Big. 

Sometimes it is really better to use one big accent instead of bunch of small once. We had those gigantic Marry Me letters on the private rooftop. It looked fantastic and very neat.

You can use flower arch or big marquee sign to enhance your pictures. Again, dont overdo it. It needs to be classy and tasteful.



To tell the truth I am not a big fan of the balloons, but again it depends on how and where you use it.  Most of the time our clients wants to use balloons outside,  in Central Park or by the pier at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unfortunately when its windy outside, especially by the water, the balloons doesn’t stay still and on the pictures it looked like a mess. Of course it might work as well, but i prefer to use them inside for the decorations. Also, it looks stunning on the pictures and bring dreamy and romantic mood to the images. 



What can bring more joy and happiness to the pictures than your favorite pet dressed in a heart costume or carrying ” will you marry my dad” sign on his collar. Incorporating your furry friend into your engagement is always a good idea. If you travelling and you left your pet at home, made a picture of him with the rig box and show it to your girlfriend after the proposal. She will be so happy we guarantee.


Customized T-Shirts. 

This is perfect for a group. If you do a flashmob proposal, where the dancers wearing ” will you marry me?” shirts or if you incorporate family and friends. We had this fun proposal, where all the guests were having t-shirts with the pictures of the couple and special hashtag for instagram. That was and creative. Also, what a great surprise for your fiancée. 


I love when our couples thinking outside the box and really having fun with that. So the main rule, don’t overdo it. Have fun with it, be smart and creative. 

If you are planning your proposal and don’t know where to start, contact us now at and we will help to creat the best day of your life. 


Tatiana Caicedo

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