Fall Proposal Ideas

Pumpkin season is officially open and we are excited to plan and shoot our fall proposals. Its getting cold outside, but also it is the best time for the photo sessions. Orange, yellow, green leaves and rusty sky is all you need for perfect autumn pictures. Also, there are so many creative options for the engagement ideas. Lets talk about it more:

1) Chocolate Tour Surprise Proposal

What can be better than hot chocolate on a cold autumn day? Take your love on a romantic tour around the 5th avenue chocolate stores, try variety of products and learn more about the chocolate culture. At the last store you will receive a complimentary box of chocolate which will spells ‘will you marry me?’ . Fun and definitely sweet proposal.

2) Pumpkin Patch proposal

We actually had this last year and it was really great! So there are lots of farm around the city that are offering pumpkin picking for its customers. Invite your girlfriend for a fun day out. While walking on a farm you will find a special area with the curved pumpkins saying ‘will you marry me?’. Surprise guaranteed!

3) Wave Hill romantic proposal

Ask your parter to join you for a day fun activity. Wave Hill is a historic center with a magnificent views and gardens. The landscapes of this estate will amaze you, with lots of secret benches, old arches, trees and fountains. Pop the question when the moment is right and after take a champagne toast at the mansion.

4) Room Makeover proposal

Lets admit, it might be cold to go outside and with NYC weather its always unpredictable. Take your partner for lunch and let us do the magic. We will put a little tepee with candles and pillows in your living room, making the place feels like fairy tale story. When you come back and she opens the door, ‘Yes “ will be guaranteed.

5) Private rooftop with the fireplace

Oh rooftops, we love you so much! The city lights are sparkling and Empire State Building looks so charming at night. We know that you afraid of cold, so we are offering a private terrace with the fireplace, where you can sit and enjoy your Champagne glass. Also, nothing makes night more romantic than fire and the stars.

Autumn is a beautiful season with lots of colors, that is worth a picture. So, don’t forget to hire a photographer for your amazing proposal to capture this moment.


Tatiana Caicedo

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