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How to Propose When She’s Expecting It

How to surprise your partner if she knows the proposal is coming. Most of our couples chose the ring together or discussed it already, so its mostly the formality what is left. But you still want to get her off guard and pop the question. Here are some tips for that occasion


  1. Don’t tell her to dress up. This is the first thing how she would know that its happening this day. When guys start to tell their girlfriends that they should do the nails today or dress up extra nice. Really if you want to surprise her, then dont drop any hits. Let it be the ordinary day, that will have the amazing surprise
  2.  Dont tell her friends and family. Dont spoil a surprise for them as well. Just imagine your girlfriend calling her friends and family and telling them the story of your engagement. She would be very pleased to do it. SO keep it a secret.
  3. Dont go to the obvious, romantic locations. We had a couple, where girl thought that her boyfriend will propose to her in a park by the Bow Bridge, then on the Top of the Rock, then in Dumbo. So by the end of the day, when the obvious spots were done, she was very upset and thought that he wouldn’t do it at all. Little that she know, that he set up a romantic dinner on a private rooftop. So when they comes up and she saw all that, she was in tears. It was a perfect surprise.
  4. Try to control your emotions. The key to the perfect surprise is to be calm and play it cool. Dont let her feel that you nervous. You ask her to go for a walk in a park, you passing by a wonderful spot with flowers and musician, you take her hand and bring her to the heart.  ” I would never guess it was for us. He was so calm” – thats what most of the girls saying after the proposal. Dont rush, take your time and you will see how amazed your partner will be.
  5. Plan ahead. Best way to set up a cover is to make her believe  in it. So couple of weeks before the proposal, tell her that your coworker will have a party and you guys were invited. So in this case, she already know that you going somewhere, she knows she needs to dress up and she would not suspect anything as its so far in advance.
  6. Pay attention to details. Add her favorite flowers to the proposal, or order the dessert that she loves. Invite her friends to join you after for the celebration. Hire a photographer, who will capture your moment. Its always a huge surprise for the girls to see that guys pays attention to every single detail. Make it perfect.



We really hope that our little tips will be helpful and you can pull off a perfect surprise proposal. If you planning to propose feel free to contact us at and we gladly discuss your options. We are here to help you make this day unforgettable for both of you.

Tatiana Caicedo

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