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How to Propose with the Musician

Add music to your proposal is always a good idea. It makes engagement  more personal and romantic. You can request your special song, so that when she heard it, it will bring the good memories.


You can ask your musician to hide and appear when you will be proposing, so it will be a surprise for her. Or the musician can be waiting at the proposal spot already and when you come he can start to interact with you. Maybe ask you a couple of questions and then suggest to play for you. In this scenario, it looks natural and she will be definitely surprised when “your song” will be played.


Usually, musicians are playing one song of your choice and after something from the popular songs.  Central Park allowed music, but not everywhere. Also, if you want to have a musical band or installed instruments you will need to get a permit for that.


In our proposal, the photographer was pretending as if he and musician are having a photo session, so when the couple came it looked natural. When  the proposal starts the musician started to play the special song. so at that point the girl knew what was going on. It was a huge surprise for her as you can see on the pictures.

Another question that we always asked is ” What are the most popular love songs the musician can play”. So here is our top 5 songs for the marriage proposals:

  1. Ed Sheeran ” Perfect”
  2. John Mayer “Xo”
  3. Bruno Mars “Marry You”
  4. Michael Franti ” Life is better with you”
  5. Christina Pery ” A thousand years”

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