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How to surprise your partner with music

We all have that song, which reminds us of a beautiful moment or person. It can be a song you heard on the radio when you first kissed or the concert that you attend together and had a really good time. In any scenario, there is a song that you and your partner consider ” yours” and this can be a perfect idea to work with when you planning your proposal.

Music is the perfect add on to any engagement plan. It can be a playlist with your favorite songs, a live musician playing your special piece or maybe it can be you, surprising your partner with the musical piece that you learned to play.

If you planning to propose on a private rooftop, most of those venues have the speakers included in the venue rental. You can compose your playlist and play it straight from your phone.

If you want to make it more romantic, than the live musician or the musical band will be a perfect option. Violin or the string quartet playing the classical music on a rooftop with the breath-taking view will absolutely make the evening more memorable.

If you want to surprise her then learn how to play a musical instrument and perform before popping the question. There is something very romantic in learning a new skill in order to surprise your partner, she will remember this moment forever and will appreciate your effort. To make it even more special, compose the song and dedicate it to your partner.  We had those clients, who really put a lot of thought into their engagement and it was the most personal and sentimental engagements we have seen.

If composing a song sounds like the next level project, you can keep it for the wedding and just learn how to play the song that she loves. When choosing the song, try to avoid the hits and really look into lyrics and choose the one that represents your relationship the most. Sometimes clients choose the songs that are popular, but when checking the lyrics it turned out to be a break-up song or even worse the infidelity song. So really, check it first.

When choosing a musician, think of how you want the performance to be. Do you want just a melody or you want the artist to play and sing the song? Violin and saxophone will be perfect background music, while guitarists can be the main piece of the proposal.

How can Proposal007 help you with the proposal?

  1. We have ” Proposal with the musician’ package. Where you will hire the professional artist to perform a song of your choice for your engagement. You will need to send us your exact day and time, location, where you want the proposal to be and the name of the song, you want the artist to learn.
  2. We have a ” Musical Band” proposal package, where you choose the 3-4 songs of your choice for the band to learn. It can be a mariachi band, jazz band or the string quartet. This is a perfect option for the rooftop or the indoor proposal when you have the time to enjoy the atmosphere and dance with your partner.
  3. If you want to perform your song we can rent you the music instrument of your choice. We know its hard traveling with your guitar or keyboard, so we can rent it for you. In the past year, we did 4 piano proposals, when we rent and deliver the piano to the location of client choice and make the proposal moment unforgettable.
  4. We can record your performance and edit it so that in the end you will have a music video of your proposal.


Proposal007 is a unique engagement service, where we take our client’s ideas and bring them into reality.  If you planning to propose this upcoming season, but don’t know where to start to contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unique marriage proposal experience.

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