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Perfect Holiday engagement proposal

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The city is light with the Christmas lights and the Rockefeller tree is almost ready, high time to think of your holiday engagement proposal. First of all, this time of the year is the most magical and if you want to propose that would be the best time. Also during the holidays people is happy and in a good mood in general, so bring more joy to your life with the ring. For this season you have tons of options, but lets discuss the best once.

Stage a fun treasure hunt

Create a map of the places significant for your relations. Come up with the clues, one clue leads to another clue. Put little gifts at each location. The final gift will be the ring box that is hidden in your pocket!  As she follows the clue and find the romantic set up location, drop to one knee and say, “Will you marry me?”.



Put the engagement ring in a Christmas ornament

When time comes to decorate the tree put the ring in a Christmas ornament, put it to the box with the other decorations. Ask her to help you to decorate the tree. Let her to find the ornament. When she opens it, you propose. You can make the ornament yourself or buy one that “opens” or has interior nooks & crannies.



Surprise her with the romantic a cappella proposal

After the dinner you are taking your significant one for a walk, its nice and you both in a good mood. On the way you meet a group of a cappella singers, who is performing your favorite song. What a coincidence! After the song you propose. This type of proposal will definitely be very romantic and in a good holiday mood.



Rockefeller ice skating proposal

For those who like an active lifestyle that might be a good option. Tell your loved one you have planned a romantic ice skating date.  And when she will not expect it pop the question. You can also rent the whole rink and skate together under your love song.  Most of the ice skating rinks in a city have a special “Holiday packages” that might be very helpful in this type of proposal. Do your research or let us take care of it.



Times Square Billboard proposal

Just because its Times Square and we want to believe in magic. Invite your partner for a Broadway show and after the performance stops near the big screen and propose like a prince Charming. That would be magical! And of course, she would never expect it.



Baby its cold outside, but we know how to keep you warm

When it’s getting cold in a city all you want is a cup of hot chocolate and a fireplace. Surprisingly, there are more than 5 different chocolate factories in a city.  Take a tour, learn about the chocolate and try different samples. After the tour order the cup of hot chocolate and wait for the special dessert. When your custom made chocolate ring will come, propose. Definitely that will be very sweet engagement proposal idea.



Organize Santa flash mob

New York is full of supportive people, especially when you need to dress up. Start a meet up group and ask people to help you out, or hire the professional dancers. Choose the location and let the magic begin. Just imagine your partner surprise, when she will see dancing Santas around her. After the performance you ask the main question.



Take a romantic carriage ride in Central Park

Central park is one of the most beautiful places in the city.  Invite your significant one for a dinner, but before you get there suggest taking a carriage ride, just because you never did this before and you think that would be interesting. Get warm under the blanket and stroll around the park.  Ask carriage driver to stop near the bridge, drop to one knee and propose. Finish the evening with the romantic dinner.


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