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5 Giveaways he is about to propose

Usually  the marriage proposal goes by two scenarios, first one is completely surprise and she just cant stop saying “OMG, how did you plan all that?” or the second one, when she already guessed what is about to happen. So, how to keep the proposal in secret and not spoil the surprise?

Most of the time i asked the girls if they had a feeling that he was planning something and these are the answeres that we get.

  1. ” He was too overdressed”

Yes, this might be the first sign she will feel that something is coming up. When its 95 degrees outside but you wearing your dressed jacket or when you suddenly bought 15 new shirts and still cant choose the one you like. Also, girls complains that out of nowhere the guy started to pay very close attention to what she wears.

How to avoid it: Yes you want both of you look nice on the pictures, so tell her far in advance that you going to a nice dinner date or that you get invited to some social event. Come up with the cover that will allow you to dress up nice.

2. “He suddenly wanted to became active”

This is happening a lot. When the guy barely go outside, but all of a sudden on a weekend he wanted to do the ice skating or run in a park. Girls sense it right away. If you change your habits its suspisious.

How to avoid it:  If running is not your thing, but you really want to propose in the park with the first sun lights. Come up with the cover, you friend is participating in a race and you want to support him. If you planning to propose on the ice skating ring, tell her that you won the tickets at the office and you sort of have to go there. Important thing is to tell her in advance that you have this unexpaected activity coming up, explain why you need to do it, tell her that its really now your thing but you have to because your Boss will ask/your friend expects you to support him and so on.

3. ” He was obsessed with his phone”

Oh yes, girls feels when you texting to someone else, so better be phone free on your proposal day. If you too much on the phone, she will start to suspect that something is going on, or even worse that you texting to another woman, to avoid all the unnecessary questions, just leave the phone in your pocket.

How to avoid it: Hire a planner. Yes, i am that person who will solve the issues with the proposal planning and you will just come and propose. Because when you texting to 4 different people and stressing out because the musician is running late or the flowers are not there, you are giving away the surprise.

4. “He was paranoid about the weather”

A week before the proposal you start to ask her if its going to rain on saturday, you checking the weather forcast 5 times per day, you watching the weather channel. Of course she will suspect that something is coming up on saturday if you already mentioned it so many times.

How to avoid it: You need to have a plan “B”. Always!  You need to have a second option in case there will bad weather, cancellation or anything like that.

5. ” He was giving me hints all the time”

” You will remember this weekend forever”, ” you need to do manicure”, “you need to  buy pretty dress’, ” all your girlfriends will be so envy” and so on. If you want to catch her off guard you really need to be quiet about your upcoming plans. Meaning, no hints, no suggestions, nothing.  It should be a regular day.

How to avoid it:  Talk to your close friend or a planner about the proposal. It will calm you down and you will stop sending hintsto your girlfriend.

If you are planning a marriage proposal, but you dont know where to start, contact us  now and we will help you to come up with the idea and organize the perfect day for you two.

Tatiana Caicedo

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