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Destination Proposal: How to Propose on a Trip to NYC

New York City, often called ‘The City of Dreams,’ automatically inspires romance. Any trip to the Big Apple with the love of your life is going to be automatically unforgettable, but what if it’s more than a simple vacation? What if you are planning to ask your lovely partner for her hand in marriage? Yep, New York is all about romance and it is the perfect place to pop the question. It has something for everyone and you will be able to tailor your proposal in a fashion that encompasses a combination of her interests and the city.

Here are just a few ideas on how and where to propose on a trip to New York.

Times Square Proposal

Is any place more iconic in New York City than Times Square?  You can even rent screen space on one of the massive electronic billboards and have your proposal flashed in brilliant colors for everyone to see as you sink to one knee and ask your beloved to marry you. If you have timed your vacation for Valentine’s Day then you might even want to participate in the famous ‘Love in Times Square’ celebration. Love in Times Square is an event that applauds the beauty of love as hundreds of couples come together to proclaim their hearts with proposals, renewal ceremonies, and even weddings.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal

Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park with your sweetie for an unparalleled view of Manhattan. With the towering cityscape as your backdrop, you can choose from one of a variety of locations inside the park such as the expansive lawns, rocky beach, or beside the glittering carousel to ask your lady for her hand in marriage. For a unique twist on your proposal, why not jump on a carousel horse and as the carousel spins, you can reach across the expanse between the two moving horses with your velvet covered box and ask her to join you as your partner in the ultimate ride of a lifetime — marriage.

Rooftop Marriage Proposal

New York City is rife with a blend of history and modernism. The architecture of the city skyscape is a potent blend of both. Its statuesque buildings and myriad of lights serve as the perfect backdrop for any rooftop proposal. The Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, and One World Observatory are just a few of the public places where a rooftop proposal is ideal. Remember to have a photographer on hand to capture the moment with the city emblazoned behind you and your betrothed as you pop the big question.

Proposal at Tiffany & Co 

If your betrothed is a movie buff or a lover of the classics then very few things stir the soul like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you want her to feel like Audrey Hepburn then why not ask her to be your wife in front of Tiffany & Co.  You can make the occasion as special or low-key as you desire. Have a romantic dinner for two, take her on a horse drawn carriage ride, or simply stroll in front of the storefront before you ask her the big question. You might also want to book a photographer to capture the picturesque moment with the storefront of Tiffany & Co. as the frame for the unforgettable event. There is no more moving photo, then the moment your loved one’s eyes light up as you ask her to share life’s journey with you.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Proposal

Spend the day perusing some of the greatest art pieces in the world at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. End your museum tour at one of the gardens that house The Frick or The Cloisters. Within the fairytale like setting, you can softly propose to your beloved. The Roof Garden at the MET is another location that you might want to consider. Sit together at the bar or enjoy the garden with Central Park as the scene to set the stage for your proposal.

Harbor Cruise Proposal

Picture this romantic scenario in your head for just as second. You and your lady are enjoying an evening cruise on the harbor. The sun is setting with the Statue of Liberty is looming in the background. The city lights of the Manhattan skyline are just becoming visible. As you snuggle beside her on the ship’s rail, sipping a drink, it will be the perfect time to ask her to spend the rest of her life as your wife.

These are just a handful of places in New York City that you can choose as the perfect location to propose marriage to your partner. The city is alive and ever changing, so let your imagination run wild when creating the perfect setting to declare your unconditional, lifelong love with the ultimate marriage proposal. Whatever location you choose, will be the start of you both merging your lives into one and it will remain the special spot where you decided to start your lives together. New York City is truly a city where dreams are made.

Let Proposal007  help you plan out your vision of the perfect New York City proposal. Contact us today! We are here to assist you every step of the way and make the occasion truly indelible.

Kimberly Sharpe

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