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How to calm the nerves before the proposal?

The proposal day is coming soon and you can’t stop stressing about it.  To ask someone to marry you is a big and important step and of course, it is normal to be nervous about it. But sometimes the proposal can go wrong because you were too stressed and the whole experience would not be as pleasant as you thought. In order to avoid it, you need to be calm and confident on your engagement day. Here are some tips on how to calm pre-proposal nervousness.

1. Keep your partner in mind


Most likely you already discussed the marriage with your partner, so you know that she loves you and wants to marry you. You asked her parents for blessings and are ready for a new chapter in your life. Keeping all that in mind would help you to focus on the experience and not the answer as you know that she would say ‘ Yes’.

Very often girls were asking questions like ‘ why were you nervous, you knew I would say ‘yes” after the proposal. So as soon as you start feeling jiggly and nervous, remind yourself that you already spoke about it before and you know that she will be so happy to finally be your wife.


2. Don’t compare your proposal to the others


This will be the hardest task as you probably saw your friends getting engaged, or saw pictures of the Instagram influencers doing elaborate proposals, and almost every movie has a stunning proposal scene. The most important thing here is to remember that your relationships are unique and there is no one else like you and your partner and there will never be another proposal like yours. Very often guys are getting caught in spending double what they planned on the proposal because they wanted the same things as someone they saw on Instagram or TV. Which leads to unrealistic expectations and overspending. So, set your budget, create your unique proposal idea, and do you.


3. Turn your nervousness into enthusiasm


This might sound like a ‘mission impossible’ scenario, but instead of stressing out about the moment, get excited about the life you will have together. In other words, concentrate on the bigger picture. You are stuck in traffic and running late to the proposal location, your family is texting you asking where you are at, and instead of stressing out about the things you can’t control, think of what a great story it will be to tell your kids about.


4. Talk to a trusted person


Sometimes the best way to calm the nerves would be by talking to someone you trust. It can be a friend or a family member or your proposal planner. Just tell them what bothers you the most and discuss your concerns. Very often men feel ashamed of being nervous and keep the emotions to themselves and that can really ruin the engagement experience as even after the proposal they look tense and nervous. So, just talked it out.


5. Be organized


If you are well organized and know exactly what you are going to do, you won’t be stressed out about the day and can actually enjoy the whole engagement experience. This means dont wait till the last minute to pick up the ring or check where the proposal location is or ask a friend to pick up the flowers. At least a week before the proposal everything needs to be planned and organized and of course ‘ life happens’ and there will be some last-minute difficulties, but at least do the basic preparation and check how to get to the proposal location and what is the parking situation around there. The more prepared you will be, the more confident and calm you will be on the proposal day.

There is a saying that proposal day is the ” happiest day for women and most stressful day for men ” and very often it is true and you need to remember that it is ok to feel nervous and anxious, but also remember that it doesn’t need to be like that. Be prepared, be confident and calm, and know that your partner loves you for who you are and would be happy to marry you no matter what.

The best way to make this day stress-free would be by hiring a proposal planner, who can plan the whole thing and you will just need to show up and enjoy the moment. If you are planning to propose anytime soon and can’t decide where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the day you and your partner never forgets.

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