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Luxury penthouse marriage proposal

There is nothing like proposing to your best friend on a private rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline. This is the perfect option to avoid the crowds and enjoy the moment and space reserved just for the two of you. Also, private venues are ideal for custom proposals and personalized decorations. You can have everything your partner ever dreamed of and even more here.

We always recommend including at least 3 personal items into the planning, for example, you can include her favorite song, favorite flowers, and colors. Don’t forget about friends and family. If you know that your partner would love to see her closed relatives at the proposal, a private rooftop is ideal for that. As of now, all the rooftops allowed  8 -15 ppl to be present at the terrace. Ask them to hide as first and surprise your partner for the second time, when after she said “yes” the whole family walks in.

Our luxury penthouse terrace is ideal for winter proposals as it has a stunning inside room with the floor to ceiling windows, so even if it will be raining outside you can propose in the room and still has a view of the city. It is also an absolutely mind-blowing experience to view the city from the penthouse suite.

To reserve your day and time and learn more about the rental options, please contact us directly by phone 347 926 9458, our experienced team will explain the booking process and answer all questions that you have.

Let’s start planning!

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