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How to propose in a hotel room during the cold winter in New York?

Winter in New York City can be tough outdoors. A hotel proposal can be your answer for a perfect affordable warm proposal. Hotels provide a very intimate setting where you can propose. They have stellar views to enjoy on your private terrace with your future partner and you both can stay over after the proposal to celebrate in a beautiful suite. Hotels also usually have an on -site restaurant to enjoy a good meal and they are great for engagement pictures with your New York proposal photographer. Here are some tips on how to have a flawless hotel room proposal! 

What you need to know before booking a hotel:

Before you find the perfect hotel you need to see if they will be able to accommodate all your needs. You must check if they will allow a hotel room makeover in the room which includes rose petals, balloons,  led candles etc. You might want some family or friends there so you should check to see how many people you can invite in the room. You should also see if the outdoor terrace furniture will be allowed to be moved in order to create a beautiful proposal atmosphere outdoors. We can provide a romantic room set up for you that includes lots of romantic decorations for your hotel room once you pick the hotel of your dreams.

How to propose in the room:

A great hotel room proposal idea is to have a secret photographer to capture the proposal. You will want to propose on the terrace because it provides beautiful views and great photo opportunities that your New York proposal photographer will capture for you. You will not want to miss out on these memories! Another great hotel room proposal idea is to have the room decked out in romance! Swan towels on the bed, Rose petals all around the floor, Mini candles, balloons etc. You can also have room service and ice-cold champagne waiting for you and your future partner. You can’t go wrong with a hotel room proposal!

What to do after the hotel room proposal:

Hotels in New York are usually in good areas so after the proposal you can take a nice walk, celebrate and take engagement photos with your New York proposal photographer. For example, the Plaza Hotel is a great place for a hotel room proposal. It’s stunning on the inside and out, you can have a romantic room setup, they have a beautiful on-site restaurant and it’s close near Central Park for outdoor engagement pictures.

How to make your hotel room proposal a surprise:

Make sure you let the front desk know that there will be a proposal and someone will come to decorate the room. In this case friends, family, and the proposal team will get into the room while you out and transform it. All you will need to do is just to be back in the room on time and surprise your partner with the stunning proposal.

How we can help you out:

Always be sure to have a secret New York proposal photographer to capture all the moments! We can recommend a bunch of different hotels for you based on your preferences. We have a lot of experience working with hotels, so we can guide you and suggest what type of decorations would work the best. The beauty of the hotel room proposal is that it’s completely private and you can customize your proposal experience the way you want it.

We hope you found this article helpful when you are planning a hotel room proposal in New York. We will be happy to help you with all of your
proposal wants and needs! Please reach out to us directly by email at to start planning your special and intimate proposal.

Naomi Concetta Rinzivillo. 

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