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Package review: Bridge view proposal + photography

One of our most favorite proposal packages “Bridge view proposal + photography” is everything you need for the ultimate surprise proposal. The package includes the rose heart set up with the small “Marry Me’ sign and pictures in the frames. And of course, we included our secret photographer to document the event.

This package can be done anywhere in the city, but we prefer to make it in Dumbo, Brooklyn. What can be better than the magnificent view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline on your background?

There are a  couple of great spots around the area, where this proposal setup would look absolutely stunning.

  1. Behind the Jane’s Carousel

This spot is absolutely fantastic as you can see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline in one shot. This makes this location extremely popular with photographers, weddings, and engagements. So if you are a shy couple, this might not be the right place for you as there are always tons of people around. If you trying to avoid the crowds come in the morning during the weekdays.

2. On top of the Empire Stores

Did you know that there is a public rooftop in the area with stunning skyline views and an even closer look at the Brooklyn Bridge? The Empire Stores in Dumbo, Brooklyn are offering a public rooftop terrace where you can set up your proposal for no additional cost. This location is ideal for the sunset and late evening surprise proposals. But please keep in mind that it is a public place and other people will be around. You are also not allowed to bring alcohol, drones, and confetti to this location.

3. Under the arch

This location is perfect for rainy day proposals. Located under the Manhattan bridge, the archway provides shelter from the rain and wind and can accommodate more than 20 ppl under it. There is no significant view up there, but during the Holidays the archway is decorated with lights and Christmas decorations, which makes it perfect for surprise engagements.


4. On the beach

Yes, there is a little pebble beach area in Dumbo and this location is so romantic. The beach has direct views of Jane’s carousel, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline. This spot is extremely crowded during the sunset times, so if you want to avoid the crowds the best time to propose there would be early mornings or weekdays during the day.

5. Under the Manhattan Bridge

This proposal location is one of our most favorite as it’s off the tourist paths and rather quiet. This spot provides views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and looks absolutely spectacular in the pictures. The best time to propose would be before the sunset when the skyline is changing and the city lights are on.

How to bring your partner to Dumbo, Brooklyn without giving away the surprise?

  1. There are lots of great restaurants in that area, so the ‘ dinner date’ cover would totally work.
  2. There is a performing art institution in the area that is known for its outstanding plays, so you can use the ” theater tickets” covert
  3. There is the ‘ oldest ice cream factory and the ‘ oldest pizza ‘ restaurant in Brooklyn located in that area
  4. There is an outstanding rooftop bar located at the 1 Hotel rooftop with the best views of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge
  5. It is one of the most photographed areas in New York, so you can always tell your partner that you want to take pictures around there.

If you are planning to propose to your partner soon and looking for the perfect package to go along, the ” Bridge view proposal+photography” would be a great option to consider. We always recommend to contact us first at and discuss your ideas. Our proposal specialist would help you to choose the best spot and cover story so that you and your partner get the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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