How to incorporate sunflowers into the Fall proposals

New York is so magical in Fall, probably one of the best seasons for a marriage proposal or an intimate park wedding. The weather is still nice and warm, but the leaves are already turned red and you can wear cute sweaters and boots. Here are some tips of how can you use this beautiful season for a memorable marriage proposal.

Propose on a private rooftop with the seasonal decorations 

Rooftops are always the best choice for a marriage proposal. It is private, quiet and very intimate. For a fall season, we always recommend using seasonal decorations such as sunflowers or pumpkins. It will bring colours to space and will help to enhance the mood, plus it will stay in her memory forever and every time she will see a sunflower it will remind her of that magical moment. We offer more than 10 different rooftops in a city so that you can choose the one that suits you better. And you absolutely can personalize the space the way you want it.

Use a sunflower ring box 

The best way to embrace the autumn proposal is by using seasonal props. Buy a sunflower ring box or curve the pumpkin. You can print the pictures of you two on the cinnamon candles and decorate your apartment with it. Or propose at the apple farm, while picking up the apples. This is a beautiful and colourful month, so try to use the best of it and add colours and seasonal touches.

Add sunflowers prints to your outfits 

Another great way to embrace the autumn is by adding the fall prints to your wardrobe. It can be a cute dress with the sunflower prints or a tie, in both ways it will look awesome on the pictures and you will have that fall spirit.

Incorporate Friends and Family 

Invite your friends and family members to the proposal and ask them to bring flowers with them. Just imagine your partner surprise, when they will start coming one by one and present her a sunflower. A beautiful way to incorporate flowers and family and make the moment personal and sentimental.

Use services that have season decorations 

Like for this proposal, we had a horse and carriage ride, which was decorated with the sunflowers. It was simple, but yet enhance the autumn mood and looked very cute on the pictures. Plus lots of restaurants decorate the tables with sunflowers and pumpkins, so it will be great to find a cute spot where you can come after the proposal to celebrate.

Use sunflowers as your backdrop 

Another cute way to incorporate those beautiful fall flowers is by using it as your backdrop. It can be a flower wall or an installation with the flowers at the spotlight. As on a picture, the flower installation looked absolutely beautiful and perfect for the pictures.

Full sunflowers bouquet 

Sometimes the best way is the simplest way. And instead of using the flowers as the part of your decorations you can simply arrange a beautiful full bouquet. It will bring joy to your partner and will look fabulous on the pictures. Plus, you can place it in your house later on.

We hope you will find those ideas useful and if you planning to propose this fall season, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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