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How to Keep Your Proposal in Secret Till the Very End

You were planning a perfect proposal for moths, keeping everything in secret or at least you thought it was. And as soon as you asked the main question, your girlfriend saying “I knew you were about to propose!” But how does she knew that??

Here are some good advises for you on how to keep the proposal in secret till the end.

1) Dont keep the ring box at your house.
8 out of 10 girls told us they found a ring box by accident long before the proposal. It doesnt mean that they were looking for it, but things happened and ‘special, secret place’ might not be that secret. Best option will be keeping it at your parents house, your best friend house, security box.
2) Dont change your habits.
50% of the women says they knew the guy was about to propose when he changes his habits all of a sudden. “i knew he was about to propose, when he bought a new blazer and he never wore one before”, “he hates walking and this day he invited me for a walk in Central Park“, ” he never runs and that morning he decided to run with me”, “we never went out with his colleagues, so i knew something was going on when he said we were going with his coworkers”. Girls pays a close attention to the men behavior and if something is changes they will notice it right away.

3) Dont “set up the mood”


This might look like a great idea to set up the perfect day for your future fiancee,with flowers, spa, dress shopping, limousine and etc. But as soon as you start, she will know exactly what is going on. We are not saying that you need to be cold but it definitely worth yo keep the mystery till the end. So let it be the regular day, that will turn to the “very special” day at the end.

4) Turn all the notifications off


That might sounds weird, but your phone notifications can ruin your perfect proposal. People might start to congratulate you even before you proposed and that definitely will be a spoiler. Your relatives from another city might call you on skype and wish you both long and happy life together, which is nice, but she still doesnt know you were about to propose. So just turn it off.
5) Dont tell her friends
9 out of 10 women told us that their friends were hinting on the upcoming ring with the suggestions like “you better do a nice manicure for this weekend”, or “you need to dress up nicely today”. Of course friends are trying to make sure you look good for the pictures, but also the surprise moment you were working so hard is gone. So again, keep your plans to yourself and then share it together to all your friends and relatives.

Of course all situations are different and nothing is set on stone, but these are the “real life situations’ reviled by our customers.


We are hoping that these tips will help you to keep your perfect proposal in secret till the very end. And don’t forget to get your personal secret photographer, who will capture every moment of your engagement.


Tatiana Caicedo

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