Intimate candlelight proposal on the beach

Nikita and Irina met 8 years ago when they both were studying law at Moscow University. After graduation, the couple moved to the United States to pursue their law careers. Nikita always knew Irina was ‘ the one” and was trying to propose on multiply occasions, but things always didn’t work out and he had to postpone the engagement for the better times. Last time, when he was planning to surprise his girlfriend with the romantic getaway, the covid happened and he decided to delay the engagement again.

As soon as New York started to get back to live, Nikita reaches out to us and asked if we can arrange something romantic on the beach. We immediately said yes and start planning.

On a proposal day, it was a wonderful summer evening with a fresh ocean breeze and the couple decided to walk on the beach before going home. The noticed some lights from far away and Nikita suggested to come closer and check what was that. As soon as they reached the heart, Nikita got on one knee and asked Irina to be his wife. And she said “YES”.

New York is a truly unique city as you have multiple beaches around it.

  1. Brighton Beach

Just an hour ride on the B, Q line and you will be by the world-famous Coney Island and Brighton Beach area. There are lots of cafes and restaurants around there and every weekend the amusement park have firework shows.

2. Rockaway Beach

This beach is a little further away, but you also can access it by subway transportation or the ferry. Rockaway Beach is known for surfing and some secluded areas, a perfect location for a romantic getaway from the city.

3. Sandy hook beach NJ

Absolutely stunning place for a hot day getaway. Part of the historic site, this beach feels like a paradise. There lots of seafood cafes and restaurants around the area and you can access the beach by the ferry.

4. Long Island

Long Island is known for its beautiful beaches and luxury lifestyle. If you drive all the way till the end of the island you will find the Montauk lighthouse. This area is also known as ” the end of the world” and what can be more romantic than to bring your partner to the place with this name. But be aware it is about 5 hours drive and we recommend staying at least for two days in that area as there so many great places to see.


We hoped that you will find this guide helpful and if you planning to propose this summer, but don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo




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