Jason and Elena private Brooklyn rooftop proposal

Jason and Elena got engaged on a private rooftop in Dumbo, Brooklyn. For his proposal, Jason had a very clear idea in mind. He wanted to have a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline, gigantic ” Marry Me” sign and speakers to play his favourite EDM music. The private Dumbo rooftop was a perfect fit!
The couple were coming for a rooftop Birthday celebration of their friend, but when the elevator doors open and Elena saw the rooftop full of candles and ” Marry Me’ sign, her heart pounds, the song by Hayden James and Romeo ” Lost to you” was playing and her best friend and family were staying on the side. They walk to the heart and Jason got on one knee and asked Elena to be his wife.

It was truly a remarkable marriage proposal experience and we wish James and Elana many years of happiness and joy. Congratulations of your engagement.

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