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Scavenger Hunt Marriage Proposal

Lee had a very specific plan for his marriage proposal, he wanted to do a scavenger hunt. He designed the route along the most memorable places in the West Village. Walking from one spot to another, Alison was collecting clues which reveals the final meeting spot. Our paparazzi photographer was following her all the time, making secret shots. On the final spot, which was the High Line Park, she saw Lee waiting for her. After exchanging the” hunt “excitement, he got on one knee and asked to be his wife. Of course, it was a ‘YES”


How to incorporate this idea into your proposal:

  1. Make the clues easy to solve and not far from each other
  2. Dont exceed more than  30 -40 minutes scavenger hunt, it can be exhausting to run all day around the city solving puzzles.
  3. Compose the clues in a sentimental way, so that your partner could relived the memories of your first date or kiss all over again.
  4. Incorporate friends and family. Place a family member at the different locations and make them gave away the clues.
  5. Hire a photographer. It is really surprising to realize that you were followed by the secret photographer and had no idea about it.

What if it is your first time in New York and you cant organize it yourself:

  1. There are many companies in NY that do scavenger hunts, you can join a team or play with your friends.
  2. Museum in New York do scavenger hunt as well. It is both interesting and knowledgable.
  3. You can ask us to create your personal scavenger hunt proposal which will be based on your relationship.

If you looking to propose this season and dont know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage experience.



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