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Perfect Valentine’s Day proposal starts with the heart

There is a  tradition to send a heart-shaped love message on Valentine’s day to the person you love and if you already in the relationship this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love and remind your partner once again how much you love and appreciate them.  We decided to keep the part of this tradition and incorporate it into the marriage proposal.

What can be more delightful than the rose heart set up for the engagement on the Valentine’s Day? Only the candlelight heart!  So which proposal setup to choose?

  1. Rose heart proposal.

This is one of the most delicate and colorful proposal setups. We use only real flowers and set them up in a large heart. After the base is done we add real rose petals to make the heart more full and use additional flowers for the area decoration. When you walked inside you feel the light floral aroma and this absolutely boosts the romantic mood. The proper time for this kind of marriage proposal in New York will be morning or the early afternoon. This proposal works best when the sun is up and you can see all the colors.

2. Candlelight heart proposal

This is our most popular evening proposal setup. We use 60 large and small led candles to set up a big heart that glows in the night. This proposal is done after the sunset when the lights can be fully seen. This is one of the most magical proposal experiences we provide and we love doing it. For the “wow” factor add the Marry Me sign and live musician, who will be playing the song of your choice.

Sometimes it is hard to choose and we love to mix and match things together, as a result, a beautiful combination of roses and candles come together. If you planning to surprise your partner with the marriage proposal this Valentine’s Day, but dont know what package to choose, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the marriage proposal of her dreams.

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