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How to propose in New York this summer

Summer in New York is no joke with the temperature going as high as 98′ F degrees you need to think through your proposal plan carefully. It is also the busiest season for the rooftop bars and the boat rentals. So here are some of our summer proposals tips that you can use right now.

Choose the proposal spot by the water

It is very nice to have this cold breeze coming from the river or the ocean, so try to choose a spot that will work for your benefit. First of all, it’s nice and cool and second, it will look great on the pictures. The best proposal spots will be Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier17, Pier 25, Pier 84. Those places have great views and nice to be around. You can also try the New Jersey side and propose at Pier A, which has a beautiful view of Manhattan. We love making our candlelight heart proposals on the piers with the great city views and musicians. It is very romantic to hold hands in the middle of the heart and listen to your favorite song.

Timing is everything

During the summer it is very important to think of the time as the sun is very active during the day and its not pleasant to be outside at that time. Also for the pictures, it is better to avoid the sun as it creates lots of harsh shadows. The best time for the outside proposals will be in the morning before 10 am or on a sunset. If it is inside, you can do it anytime.
We will recommend making our Disney inspired ” Beauty and the Beast” marriage proposal in a morning at Central Park. With flowers and live music, she will remember this day forever.

Look for the inside options

It is true that during the summer everyone wants to be outside, but if you not a heat fan, consider other options. One of our favorite summer type of proposals is movie theater engagement. We shoot and edit a movie trailer with you, rent a movie theater, so it is just two of you there and then you propose from the screen. It is very fun and creative, plus you have an AC.
Another great option will be a wine cellar or a private dining room proposal.

Look for a shade

If you looking to propose on a private rooftop or a terrace, consider taking a space with the inside room. It will be a great option to cool off and enjoy a glass of cold champagne. If, however, you propose on the open terrace with no cover, ask your planner to bring paper umbrellas. They look great on the pictures and will protect you from the UV lights.

Dress light

This might sound strange, but when you thinking of your engagement outfit try to choose the light colors and materials. Light colors look great on pictures, especially if you proposing by the water or in a green park. Light materials, well, because we don’t want you to burn in your suit. If you still want to wear a suit, just in case pack an extra shirt with you.

Refreshing drinks

We always recommend our couples to substitute champagne to the non-alcoholic beverages. Especially if you proposing during the day and outside. It is not a secret that sun and alcohol is a dangerous cocktail. So consider changing it to some sparkling juice or chill apple cider. You want to look good on the pictures, not drunk.

Use only fresh flowers

This is summer, you have so many fresh flower options. We witnessed a couple of times, clients using the plastic rose petals for the decoration and it was awful. It looks horrible and on the sun they start to smell, like plastic. So please, do not use the plastic rose petals. Be green.

Think of transportation

If you know that your partner will not be comfortable walking on a heat, think in advance and get the car service. You can take a fancy limo or stylish vintage car. It will be a great surprise for your partner and you both will be comfortable. If you proposing in central park, use the Hose and carriage ride as your way of getting around the park. Take an evening stroll around the park, propose and make your way to the restaurant for a champagne celebration.

We hope our proposal tips will be helpful, but if you planning to propose this summer and don’t know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will create the most unforgettable engagement experience for you two.
Tatiana Caicedo

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