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Best 5 Summer Proposal Ideas

Finally the cold winter days are over and we are soo ready for the summer fun! So here are our top 5 summer best proposal ideas in New York.

  1. Rooftops, Rooftops, Rooftops

We were waiting for this moment too long and now with the hot summer days we are ready to open rooftop season.

Propose to the love of your life on a beautiful private rooftop. Great view and privacy is the key point here. Its just two of you and the whole world.

2. Take a boat ride!

Like a real James Bond, surprise your love with the private boat ride. Stop by the Statue of Liberty and ask the main question. Amazing idea for the hot summer day!

3. Flowerssss

Summer is a beautiful season mainly because everything is blooming. Surprise your love with the amazing colorful flowers decoration. While walking in a park, by accident you will find a beautiful place with the heart shape flowers. Pop the question in the middle of the heart.

4.  Picnics

Romantic surprise picnic is always fun. With our help we will also make it memorable and comfortable for you two. We can set up a table in the park or made a private lounge set up for you in a park. Best thing, she will not expect it at all.

5.  Candles, lots of candles

Light the night and surprise your love with the romantic candles set up. We decorate the area for you with 150 LED candles and string lights, making the space glow at night. All you will need to do is to bring your second half to the romantic spot and ask the question.

Tatiana Caicedo

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