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Central Park candlelight proposal

Central Park is one of our most favorite places for marriage proposals. It has everything you need for a romantic setting, from hidden gazebos to picturesque benches on the lake.

Our most favorite spot for a romantic proposal is right off the Bow Bridge. This boat landing area has a direct view of the bridge and the lake, and even a little Manhattan skyline on the back.  This is exactly why our client decided to pop the question at this place. He wanted to have a city skyline but be away from the people.

We decorated the area with lots of led lights and candles, a “marry me” sign, and a flower heart. When the couple was on their way to meet friends, they saw the lights from far away and decided to stop by and check what was going on. When they get closer to the spot, the music started to play and they stepped inside the heart. It was a big surprise moment and of course, it was a “YES”

If you looking to propose this Christmas season but don’t  know where to start planning contact us now and our skilled team will help you to create an unforgettable marriage experience.

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