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How to nail your engagement photo session

The engagement photo session usually follows up after the proposal. It is the opportunity for both partners to participate in the preparation process and come up with the theme, idea, and outfit style. This is the perfect opportunity to work as a team and create pictures that you both will like and cherish.

Here are some useful tips on how to nail your engagement shoot:

  1. First of all, create a theme. How do you want your pictures to look like? Do you want to look classy or casual? Is there a story behind it? For example, our recent couple wanted to create those fun, cheerful pictures on a sunny fall morning in Central Park.
  2. Decide when do you want to do it. Morning or sunset time. What’s the difference? Morning pictures are more bright and colorful, it is more cheerful in nature. If you are a fun and goofy couple that would be the best time. Sunset is more intimate and romantic. It is more moody pictures and more artistic shots.
  3. Outfit. Think layers. Instead of changing entirely, add different accessories to your look to make it look different. For example, here our bride-to-be brought a hat and a poncho to make the outfit look different and it creates absolutely different styles.
  4. Location. Location is very important and it’s better if you have different photo opportunities around the area. In this case, Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park is always a good choice as those spots have numerous locations and can create absolutely different styles.
  5. Props. We love using props for the sessions as it helps to make the pictures more interesting. Balloons, flowers, or vintage bikes! Again, props should be a part of your theme and story, and when done correctly it creates absolutely stunning images.
  6. Mood. Yes, you need to be in a good mood for the session. There is nothing worse than to act happy when you are not. It is always better to reschedule a session and solve the problems with your partner than discussing the problem during the session and make public scenes.
  7. Time. Most of the time the engagement session can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, so make sure you have the time and can fully enjoy that moment. Don’t schedule a session¬†on your lunch break or between the jobs.
  8. Poses. As the photographer will guide you, it is always better to do your homework in advance and actually check or learn a couple of poses. You can create a Pinterest album and save all the poses you want to try during the session. Share the link with your photographer, so that he knows which style you are looking for. Practice together with your partner in front of the mirror, it is a good way to see where to put your hands and what angle is working the best.
  9. Plan “B”. Always think of what you will do if the weather turns bad on your day. Can you reschedule for another day? Or style the shoot with umbrellas? Maybe take pictures inside the local coffee shop? Always discuss all the possibilities with your photographer in advance.
  10. Friends and Family. Of course, for the couples who already have kids, this is a wonderful opportunity to take some cute family photos. Create a matching outfit for the whole family and enjoy the time together. For the couples who have dogs, we always recommend asking someone from the family to assist during the shoot, so that they can take him after pictures and you can walk and do more styled pictures with the photographer.


Engagement photo sessions are fun and it is a wonderful opportunity to capture the memories of your engaged time. Those pictures are also used for the save the date invitations and family calendars. We hope you will find those tips useful and will nail your engagement session.

If you haven’t planed it yet, reach out to us directly at, and our experienced team will help you to create the theme and choose the best spot for the engagement session.

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