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Spring proposal ideas in New York

Spring is right around the corner and there is no better time for a marriage proposal than the cherry blossom season. New York City completely transforms during this time of the year and warmer weather brings more opportunities for a surprise engagement. So what are the best marriage proposal ideas for spring in New York? And where can you watch the cherry blossoms?

Ideas for a picnic proposal in NYC

1. Picnic proposal in the park 



Springtime is perfect for the long walks in the park and nature admiration. It is an ideal time to get outside the house and enjoy the nice weather.  Surprise your partner with the styled picnic and propose with the cherry blossom trees on your background. Central Park would be perfect for the picnic proposals. You can take the horse and carriage ride and ask the driver to stop by the Cherry Hill fountain, walk towards the world-famous Bow Bridge and find a beautifully decorated picnic set up there. Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture the big surprise moment.

2. Rooftop proposal 

The rooftops season is officially open and there is nothing like watching the sunset with the love of your life from a private rooftop in New York. We are offering a wide range of private venues, which are located all over the city so that everyone can find the place that they like. A private rooftop proposal is great because you can completely customize your experience and decorate the place in any way you want. For those who want a bit of attention, the Top of the Rock and the Edge would be the perfect choices. Just keep in mind that public places don’t allow decorations, so keep it simple but don’t forget to hire a photographer.

3. Boat proposal 

Enjoy the warm spring breeze by sailing around Manhattan on a private boat. This is a perfect sunrise or sunset proposal idea and your significant other would absolutely appreciate it. Propose with the Statue of Liberty view and celebrate with champagne and music. Another option will be proposing after the ride when the boat will get back to the deck and the group of musicians will meet you on the shore. Propose with her favorite song and the surprise appearance of friends and family.

4. Flash Mob proposal 

As the weather gets warmer it brings more life back to the city. You can see the street musicians and dancers all over the streets of New York. So why not use this opportunity and surprise your partner with the flash mob marriage proposal. Just imagine walking in the park and seeing a group of people dancing, you stop to check the performance and the next thing she knows the group revealed the ‘ will you marry me” t-shirts and you get on one knee. We guaranteed she would be in shock. Another way to propose would be to hire the singing group. Imagine sitting by the fountain and people around you start to sing one by one. By the time the whole group performs you get on one knee and ask the main question.

5. Day trip 

Again, springtime is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather and go outside. You can visit the tulip farm and propose with the most colorful background you can only ask for. Or go hiking and pop the question on top of the mountain. For the urban adventure couples, Prospect Park would be an ideal destination with its wild nature and hidden paths. You can go on a horseback riding adventure in the park and propose by the waterfall. If you are looking for scenic views, try Governor’s Island. This place is a perfect city getaway and you can hike, ride a bicycle and even try the zip-lining there. Stay overnight at the Collective retreat glamorous tents and propose in the evening by the fire with some s’mors.

If you still are not sure if Spring is the good time to pop the question just think of the sweet aroma of the cherry blossoms that cover the city during these months. New York loves cherry blossoms and there are lots of festivals and celebrations connected to this event. The blooming season usually starts in mid-March till the end of April and it is the most romantic time of the year.


The best places to admire the blossoming trees will be:  

1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

2. Riverside Park

3. Roosevelt Island

4. Central Park

5. Randall’s Island

If you know that your partner loves cherry blossoms then this is the sign to propose during this time. You can either propose by the trees or incorporate the colors into your proposal by adding pink flowers and wearing light pink elements. For the clients who are ready to start the planning, we would recommend contacting us directly at and we would start the planning process.

Tatiana Caicedo

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