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Bishoy and Monica surprise marriage proposal in Central Park.

Bishoy and Monica are undergraduate students of the Drew University. Monica is a psychology major and biology minor going to grad school to become a school psychologist. And Bishoy is biology major, with a double minor in pre-health and chemistry going to medical school to become a pediatric cardiologist.


The two might never met each other if not a funny accident that meant to start that love story. “Monica and I actually started talking by accident. On her way to work one day, her friend wanted to play angry birds on her phone. As she left to go to work, they forgot to switch back phones, so Monica had her friend’s blackberry. She felt bad for everyone who kept texting her friends phone, so she texted them all saying, “Hi this is not Marina, she left her phone with me, I will have her text you when I get home from work”. Bishoy was one of them who was texting Marina, and he was also the only one who texted Monica back saying “who are you”. Ever since, they haven’t stopped talking.


When we asked the couple of what attracts them most of all in each other Bishoy admitted that it was Monica’s sweet voice and her kind heart to everyone who surround her. “The first think that I noticed and loved about Bishoy was his smile and his eyes. I can’t help but smile when I look at him. There is so much warmth in his eyes’, says Monica.


“We never actually had an official first date. Being best friends eventually transitioned into our relationship. Our conversations, passion and trust for one another became deeper and more sentimental. We were committed to one another before even having a chance to fathom the thought,” admits Bishoy.


Knowing that Monica is the one, Bishoy contacted us in order to help him to organize the perfect engagement proposal. “I wanted to have a sentimental proposal; something special that we can both remember forever. For months I drew out many different plans before choosing the perfect one. My biggest difficulty was going to be getting Monica out of the house for a normal date so that she wouldn’t expect anything. We have both never been to Central Park so I knew it would be both exciting and an easy way to keep her from suspecting I was planning anything.”
After long discussions we came up with the perfect plan. We decided to do the proposal right under the Bow Bridge, which is a wonderful place and looks great on the pictures. And so this is how it happened.


Monica: “Bishoy had told me we were going to be spending the day together. First, we went to the boathouse in Central Park for brunch. We walked around afterwards and he took me towards Bethesda Terrace. We crossed a bridge and walked down a path. He turned to me and told me that we were going the wrong way, so after coming back down the same path we saw a caricature artist setting up his canvas. Bishoy asked him for a drawing, we sat down, and he began the caricature with chalk. He finished and turned the drawing towards us; at first I didn’t realize the writing, but I was in shock when I read, “Will You Marry Me?” Bishoy took my hand, we stood up, and I saw the pictures, roses, and candles that our brothers had set up behind us. I was in awe. We took our walk down memory lane, and when we got to the end he got down on one knee and asked the question I have been waiting for.”


Bishoy: “I only began to become extremely nervous two minutes after we sat down with the artist. At that moment a successful proposal was in the hands of Vlad, Tatiana, and our brothers. Also, I did not have the ring with me. I had given it to my brother so that he can hand it to my while I was sitting down with the artist (the box was too big to fit in my pocket without being noticeable). Our brothers did an amazing job with setting up the decorations behind us, we couldn’t even hear them!”

“When I asked her to marry me, I felt that our hearts were beating at the same time. I was also relieved, a lot of work was put into this and I was happy that it was a success. Monica is also my best friend, there is nothing that I do not tell her and I am with her practically everyday. Doing all of this without her noticing or helping me was definitely my biggest challenge.”


After the proposal and photo and video sessions the newly engaged couple continue walk in the Central park, ‘We spent the rest of the day together, walking around Central Park, its so beautiful. Our phones soon became flooded with phone calls, text messages, and social media comments after our brothers posted a picture of us holding up the signs that Bishoy made that read, “He Asked…” and “She Said Yes!” Bishoy surprised me again when we went to dinner and I found that both of our families were sitting down at a table for twelve waiting for us to arrive! We were all really happy, we talked, laughed, and even had cake! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. We are truly blessed to have family whom love us both so much.’


Best support is always comes from the family ‘Our parents and siblings couldn’t be happier for us. They knew we have known each other for such a long time and agree that we are a perfect match. They often tell us that we couldn’t have found each other if it wasn’t for God. We believe them, God has helped us overcome many obstacles together and to grow in our relationship.’


Congratulations Monica and Bishoy on your proposal!


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