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Eric and Carine Summer Proposal at the Bow Bridge

Now when its cold outside, we would like to go back to our summer proposals and bring that sunshine moments to you.

Eric: “First time we met, was when I arrive in the Engineer School. Carine was responsible for welcoming the Exchange Students. In the first class day, Carine had to put each new student in relation with a “big brother” who would be responsible for the reception of these new students. She arrived and had to check if everybody had everything they needed. I saw her and I felt in love right away. I couldn’t take my eyes of her, she was so beautiful”.

Eric: “I remember our first date as if it was yesterday. That was on Saturday in the University, the disco on the campus was closed that weekend and Carine’s friends sent an email saying they were going downtown. That was almost a total flop, nobody else came except me which surprised Carine. My French wasn’t so good, but I decided to go because this was the occasion to see her. When I arrived there, after trying MANY TIMES to impressed her we talk and  she kissed me! That’s how we started to date and we never separated after that.”

Carine: “Since I had spent a year as an exchange student in 2006-07 for a year in the United State, Eric knew the United States meant a lot to me and thought it would be the best place to propose. It was the first time for me going back to the states to see my host families and introduce Eric to them so it was the perfect time. We had 3 days in New York alone, he had organised that part of the trip. We were supposed to go to a concert near the bow bridge in Central park but there was much better than a concert waiting for me there. A guitarist starting playing one of our favorite songs ( and I still didn’t realize he was going to propose ahah) and then he proposed with a beautiful ring and a photographer and two girls carrying signs “Marry me” came out. It was wonderful and so romantic!! I could never thought of a better proposal!


Funny thing, i never suspect he was planning to propose to me on that trip.  But when I started thinking of it after, I understood why he wanted to take fancy clothes for the trip, we also took a selfie in a bus whereas we never take selfie but it was to sent our picture the team of 007 Proposal so they could recognize and Eric had reserved 2 different hotels for 3 days but still I dind’t realize until THE moment. I felt so loved and so lucky to become his fiancee.”

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