Fall proposals ideas you can do right now in New York

The golden month is finally here and we want to take advantage of this beautiful season and share with you our most favourite proposal ideas that you can do right now.

Flower Heart plus Musician 

This is a perfect fall proposal idea as the bright colours will be more eye-catching and a musician playing your favourite song will blend perfectly to the dreamy weather mood. We love doing this type of proposals in Central Park, but it can be done anywhere.

Private rooftop with sunflowers 

This is a more intimate proposal idea as there will be no other people on a rooftop except the two of you. We will set up the heart of a sunflower, which looks so bright on a grey roof. Led candles will add a romantic mood and you can drink champagne and watch the sunset together.

Botanical Garden Proposal

If you want to see flowers in all colours you must visit the botanical garden this fall. This place is absolutely stunning and it is ideal for a romantic proposal. Unlike Central Park, the botanical gardens are usually not that crowded so you can easily find a secluded spot with a gorgeous view.

Picnic proposal

Foliage picnics are the best! You can set up a romantic picnic in a park and enjoy the stunning view of the colourful greenery around you. Another option will be ” urban picnic” setup when we decorate the dining table for you and your partner so that you don’t have to sit on the ground. In both ways, fall is the perfect time to get those last warm sunny days.

Private bookstore proposal

When it is raining outside, what can be better than going to a local bookstore and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa? It is a perfect place for a romantic engagement. Imagine walking to the store, which will be decorated with led candles and the projector on the wall showing your favourite movie or the picture slides of you two, hot pumpkin latte will be served and you propose.

Vintage car tour 

Vintage car tour. This is a perfect rainy day proposal option. Take a styled tour on a vintage car around the city, the driver will be telling you stories of the city and talk about the speakeasy bars. The car will be stopped at the speakeasy bar, which will be decorated in candles and you propose with the musician playing your song.

Museum proposal

One of the most common fall activity in New York is a museum visit. When the weather is turning cold and rainy this is the best indoor option you can come up with. Such museum as the Metropolitan Museum of art offers a wide range of activities, such as a scavenger hunt or drawing sessions. Choose the pavilion that you like and propose with the style.

We really hope that those ideas will be useful and if you are planning to propose this fall season, but don’t know how contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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