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“I was thinking on how to propose to my girlfriend for the past 3 years”

On July 31, 2016 Kenneth Lay proposed to his long term girlfriend  Jinyue Liu. the couple was together for more then 6 years and it was the right time to move on a next level.


“We met when we were doing an internship in Singapore. I was just joining the group when he was about to finish his stint there. During this brief period of overlap, we started working more closely together and got to know each other. I feel the connection and we start to go out more” Kenneth said.

Kenneth wanted to surprise Jinyue, but couldn’t decide how. ” I saw proposals being done on the Bow bridge and on the gondola, so i decided to combine those two and add some cue cards to it. I also wanted to have a professional singers by her side, performing a song and me showing the cards for it”

So, thats how he asked: “It was my birthday and our 6th anniversary. He told me we were going to a Swedish cottage restaurant at Central Park for dinner. We walked there and he said we would be too early, so we strolled around the park slowly. When we reached the Bow Bridge, he told me he needed to go to the restroom. I asked if he could do so when we reached the restaurant, but he said it was still far away, on the other side of the park and further up. So he left me at the bridge and went off. I was being left on the bridge alone without my phone and feeling lost (!!). Then from a distance, I saw him on a boat, coming towards me. Some people beside me started singing, and he showed me big cards with really nice and sweet messages on them. I melted. On the last card, he asked the question, to which I smiled gleefully and nodded. He then docked on the side of the lake, got off, proposed, and put the ring on me. My first thought earlier was I wanted to be on that boat with him. True enough, he brought me onto the boat, and we rowed to the boathouse together for a nice dinner. It was the most unforgettable moment of my life.”


Congratulations on your proposal!

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