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Picnic Proposal Ideas in NYC

Summer in the city is the ideal time for a romantic picnic proposal. It’s always a nice surprise and perfect way to celebrate your engagement. You can do it in a park, like Brooklyn Bridge Park with the Manhattan skyline on your background, or the iconic Central Park with the famous Bow Bridge or Belvedere Castle on your back.  You can also choose the urban picnic style and find a nice setup table at the Bryant Park or the High Line.


Here is our guide to the perfect picnic proposal in New York.

Picnic proposal in NYC

1.Perfect Location for a proposal picnic in NYC.

New York City is full of wonderful parks, so it’s really a matter of personal choice.  Of course, Central Park will be one of the first choices. It’s very convenient to get there, the park has different areas and views, you can combine the picnic with the horse carriage ride proposal or the romantic gondola ride proposal. The best spots for the secret photography will be the Bow Bridge area and the Belvedere Castle lawn. Central Park picnic proposal is definitely a good choice for a chic couple.  Brooklyn Bridge Park picnic proposal will be our second most favorite spot. The park has an amazing view of the city and Brooklyn Bridge, which makes it perfect for the pictures. This location is ideal for a romantic evening picnics when the sky is full of stars and city lights are magically lighten up. Rockaway Beach picnic proposal. This location is perfect for the couples who love the ocean. Ideal for a hot summer day. You can take a fun ferry ride from the Wall Street to the Rockaway Beach. It’s an ideal day getaway, plus you enjoy the beach and celebrate the engagement with the bottle of chill champagne. If you cant decide, what place to choose, don’t worry. You can always call us and we will help you to sort it out.


2. Proposal Picnic Style.

You can go with the original picnic style, where blanket, basket and pillows are included. The perfectly styled picnic will make her “WOW’ and wonder how did you manage to do all that. So it’s important to choose the right vendor for it. Also, as an option – urban style picnic might be a good choice. In this case you don’t sit on the grass and picnic is set up on the table. Central Park, Bryant Park and High Line have a lot of dining tables on its territory, so you can move your picnic to a more proper set. Propose with the style. Make sure you will have a secret proposal photographer by your side to capture this glorious moment

Our favorite Picnic proposal Packages.

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  • picnic proposal in Brooklyn bridge Park

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3.  Best food for a picnic proposal.

Picnic food for a romantic proposal is the second most important thing to consider. Here you have two options: Go with the “Engagement Celebration” picnic, which is usually a bottle of cider and strawberries. You are responsible to take this picnic with you after the proposal. Or you can choose the ” Picnic Upgrade” option. This style of the picnic will include real food, different cheeses and fruits, dessert and cider is included as well. This type of picnic is for 1 – 2 hours, so you can actually enjoy the time together. Perfect for a romantic engagement celebration.

Ideas for a picnic proposal in NYC
NYC Proposal ideas

4.  Music for a picnic proposal.

It’s always a good idea to add musician to the picnic. Romantic picnic set up with the violin or guitarist will melt her heart. Make this moment unforgettable. Our professional musician will start to play the love song of your choice when you will reach the picnic set up. You will get on one knee and ask that important question. The musician will congratulate you with the bouquet of roses after.


5.  Secret Proposal Photographer.

The secret photographer is ideal for this type of proposal. He might be sited nearby and pretend to be a tourist, meanwhile snapping pictures of her surprise. Our discreet photographer will follow you through the park to the picnic location, making secret pictures. Then he will photograph the proposal moment and after the proposal, he will do the open and posed pictures. Picnic proposal and secret photographer will make your partner wow and it’s a good sign.

6. Secret Proposal Video

What a perfect idea to have your proposal videotaped, you can watch and enjoy this moment years later and still will have the feeling of that day. Our experienced videographers will set up secret cameras at the picnic and round it, so she wont even know that. In a week, you will receive an edited video of your engagement. And that could be a huge surprise for your partner.

Additional Packages.

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  • Secret proposal video + editing.

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  • Proposal With Musician ( violin, guitar)

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Of course, the successful proposal will depend on a good weather as well. But even if it’s raining, there are many covered places in the park that might work.  Also, as I mentioned the earlier location is very important. We can recommend you the place or you choose your own, the main guidance here, try to avoid crowded places, loud places and trash bins.



We hope our tips will be helpful for you and you will experience the perfect picnic proposal. If you are looking for a perfect picnic proposal, but not sure how to get started, contact Proposal007 now and we will help to plan your ideal engagement. We have experience planning personalized New York proposals, and we will make sure your experience is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

The main idea is for both of you to have fun and enjoy your day and that moment. We will be there to create that moment for you.

Tatiana Caicedo


Contact us if you have any questions about Picnic proposal in New York.



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