Savannah and Evan Horse And Carriage Proposal

How we met by Savannah: It was my second day at my new college, and my previous roommate knew Evan from home. I went over to his house to hang out with some people and  asked him if he had the NBA2k16 video game (It turned out to be his favorite game, and I had just played it all summer with the boy I nannied). That was what sealed the deal. Our personalities were, and are still, so perfect for each other. We have talked everyday since, and have seen each other almost everyday.  From that night, I knew I would marry him.

His story on how we met by Evan: We had a mutual acquaintance that thought we’d get a long so they came over to my apartment one night before the end of July. When she came over we hit it off. She was beautiful and was so easy to talk to. She even played me in a game of NBA 2k (my favorite video game). After she gave me a run for my money, I knew she was something special and I had to see her again. From then on, we’ve talked everyday since. After our first real date, I knew she was the one. I’ve spent every day since trying to make her feel loved and special, just like the way she makes me feel.
Her story on how he asked: Our favorite thing to do is travel, and we had a few days off in October. We had visited New York last year at the same time together, and wanted to come back and see more of the city. We had planned a few things, and had a nice dinner planned for Friday. After spending the morning seeing the Statue of Liberty  and Ellis Island, we were rushing to get ready by 5:30 (and he didn’t bring a belt and I didn’t bring a coat, so we ran into a department store). We were running around like crazy to get from Battery Park to the store to grab a snack to the hotel in Times Square to Central Park for a carriage ride all in two hours. I was finally ready (30 minutes late) and we made it to Central Park. We rode around Central Park on a carriage and the driver said to get off and go down to the Bow Bridge to see one of the best views. We got down there and I asked a random man to take our photo, little did I know that Evan had gotten a photographer, and after we had our picture taken is when it happened. He got down on one knee and asked me, and of course I said yes! They were the sweetest, most genuine words that I have ever heard.  After, we went and celebrated at the plaza and with some amazing food. It was absolutely magical, and I could not have pictured a more perfect scenario. 

His story on how he asked: Friday started off as a hectic day. We had tickets to go to liberty island to see the Statue of Liberty and to see Ellis island. It took forever to get down to battery park and to get to the islands themselves. By the time we were done it was already 3 o’clock and I had made arraignments for a carriage ride through Central Park at 5:30. We had to make it from battery park back towards our hotel in Times Square in 2 hours, plus eat. We also discovered that I had forgotten a belt and Savannah needed a jacket, so we had to frantically search the stores. Once we got what we needed and scarfed down some lunch, we raced back to the hotel room to get changed and head to the park. Traffic hit so we arrived a little late but it ended up being no problem at all. We began our carriage ride around the park and it was very peaceful and romantic. Our driver came up to the Bow Bridge and suggested we go down and take pictures. Knowing this was apart of the plan, I walked Savannah down to the bridge where we took in the beautiful sights. Once I thought the time was right, I began a little speech about how much I love her and how much she means to me. I figured it’d be best to not prepare what to say before hand, so I would be able to genuinely speak from my heart. At that point she knew what was happening as tears filled her eyes. She’s couldn’t have said yes faster and I slid the ring onto her finger. Our photographer was able to capture every moment. We continued our carriage ride and went for drinks at the Plaza Hotel afterward. We told them we just got engaged and they took pictures for us and gave us a free dessert. Afterward we went to Davio’s and had a delicious dinner. We made sure to truly celebrate the special night that we will never forget.

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